4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Twitter Timeline

improve your twitter timeline easy tips

Tired of missing out on Tweets from your favourite accounts? Unable to work out how to see Tweets as they happen, rather than 12 hours later when they appear in your recommended section? Twitter recently changed their algorithm so your timeline is no longer a chronological, linear stream of Tweets, and it can all be pretty confusing. But never fear, here are four super quick and easy ways to improve your Twitter timeline so you don’t miss out on anything.

1. Don’t Show Best Tweets First

In order to get your Twitter timeline back to the old chronological version (or, as near to it as you can get), you need to turn off the “show best Tweets first” feature. Twitter will still show you a section near the top of your timeline of Tweets you may have missed/recommended Tweets, but the rest of your timeline will be in chronological order. To do this open your Twitter Settings and go to Account > Timeline > Show me the best Tweets first and untick the checkbox.

2. Turn Off the Quality Filter

Occasionally you might notice a Tweet @ you which doesn’t appear in your mentions. What’s up with that? Twitter have introduced a quality filter which aims to reduce spam and improve the quality of Tweets you see. This is good in theory, but also means you can miss out on Tweets from people who Twitter deem irrelevant to you – such as people you don’t follow or have never interacted with. To avoid accidentally ignoring someone genuine, turn off the filter by going to Settings > Notifications > Quality Filter and untick the box.

easy tips to improve your twitter timeline

3. Make a Twitter List

If you’re following a lot of people and find that your timeline often gets clogged up, you might want to create a list. Lists act like a mini-timeline which only display Tweets from the accounts you have approved. For example, you could create a list including your best friends or favourite bloggers so you can catch up with their Tweets quickly and easily without having to scroll through your whole timeline. To create a list, click on your profile picture and select Lists > Create new list. Add a name, description and privacy status for your list, then you can add as many accounts as you like.

4. Clear Out Who You’re Following

Every couple of months I log in to Crowdfire to tidy up my Twitter account. It’s a great tool for clearing out who you’re following as it lets you see inactive accounts, people who aren’t following you back and people you have “blacklisted”. This makes it really easy to work out which accounts are no longer relevant and which people you no longer interact with. Use Crowdfire to unfollow any accounts you don’t want on your timeline any more to keep things streamlined.

improve your twitter timeline easy tips

Have you got any quick top tips for improving your Twitter timeline?

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