WOW247 - Freelance Blogging and Writing ServicesAs an online entertainment guide for the UK, WOW247 provides readers with insider knowledge on all the latest film, music, culture and food and drink news. Mainly focusing on the Edinburgh section, I work as a freelance contributor to create lists, guides and articles for the WOW247 website. Using my expert knowledge of the city, along with research into the latest openings, trends and developments, I create content which is engaging and interesting for readers.

I began writing for WOW247 as a guest blogger writing to briefs outlined by the content team, and then moved on to a regular freelance role with the company in order to contribute my own ideas, conduct research for future posts and write up more articles. I create content which I know will be the sort of thing people will share, search for and enjoy. All my articles are written using WOW247’s style and tone of voice to tie in with their brand’s identity.

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