Harajuku Kitchen

harajuku kitchen freelance social media clientHarajuku Kitchen is a popular Japanese restaurant located in the Brunstfield area of Edinburgh. They also run a street food stall and catering service which regularly appears at popular local markets like Stockbridge Market and Grassmarket Market, and seasonal events such as Hidden Door Festival.

Working alongside Harajuku Kitchen’s PR agency, Charlotte & Joseph PR, I recently came on board as the restaurant’s social media manager. I am responsible for all aspects of Harajuku Kitchen’s social media presence, focusing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Before starting my social media management services, I assessed the current situation and identified ways in which it could be improved. This has included unfollowing irrelevant Twitter accounts and seeking out other relevant accounts to follow, making use of appropriate targeted hashtags on Instagram, and updating all social media profiles with current information and consistent branding.

On a daily basis, my duties include creating weekly social media calendars, planning content and sourcing images, replying to messages and interacting with customers and other local businesses. I also assist with other digital marketing tasks – such as creating email newsletters – when appropriate. I make use of tools such as Hootsuite and Trello to organise and schedule content.

I also provide the client with regular statistics updates, showing how content is performing and how the social media channels are growing.

Find out more: harajukukitchen.co.uk