Frisky Froyo

Frisky Froyo Edinburgh social media freelance clientFrisky is a local frozen yogurt shop in Edinburgh. In addition to their signature froyo, they also serve smoothies, shakes, bubble tea, tea lattes and other treats. As Frisky’s social media manager, I am responsible for all aspects of the company’s social media output. This has included evaluating past social media output and working out changes to be made, drawing up a social media strategy and content calendar, photographing products and creating content for social media, scheduling in regular updates with tools like Hootsuite and managing the social media channels.

The majority of my focus is on developing the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels in order to promote the business and encourage more people to visit the shop. Since joining Frisky, all the social media channels have seen an increase in interaction and they have been successful at promoting seasonal specials and offers in the shop.

I am also responsible for blogger outreach and organising events at Frisky. This has included contacting key bloggers and influencers to invite them along to review Frisky’s products, as well as organising events for both bloggers and customers. A recent blogger event to promote Frisky’s new smoothie bowls saw a select number of Edinburgh’s top food bloggers join the Frisky team for an evening of creating and sampling smoothie bowls. This resulted in a variety of social media content and blog posts promoting the new smoothie bowls.

I have also been involved in creating content for Frisky’s new website, launching soon, as well as creating promotional materials such as flyers and posters for the shop.

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