Doors Open Days

Doors Open Days - Social Media Management ServicesWorking with the Scottish Civic Trust on their Doors Open Days festival, I used my social media expertise to create a cross-platform social media strategy in order to promote the festival. Focusing on Twitter and Facebook, I created a content calendar to send out information about the festival, drive traffic to the website and newsletter, increase the online audience, and – ultimately – encourage people to get out there are enjoy the festival. As well as creating and uploading content, I was also responsible for responding to customer queries and replying to comments across the various social media channels.

In addition to social media strategy and management, I also set up a brand new blog for Doors Open Days and filled it with content relevant to the festival. This involved visiting events at the festival in order to get a first-hand experience of the event, take photos and then report back on the blog (and also share live on social media). I also utilised my copywriting and content creation skills whilst writing the regular email newsletter.

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