Buff Concept Store

Buff Concept Store freelance social media managementI worked with Buff Concept Store, a new nail salon and lifestyle store, to set up their social media presence. Offering a range of professional nail services, as well as a hand-picked selection of skincare, homeware, jewellery, books and more, Buff is located in the up-and-coming new Arches development in central Edinburgh.

After an initial social media consultation with Buff, I created a social media plan for the businesses which focussed on showcasing the brand’s identity, promoting their services and products and attracting new customers to the business. I was then responsible for implementing the social media plan and took over daily management of the Buff social media channels. This involved creating weekly content schedules with content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, replying to messages, managing the community and using tactics to organically grow the social media channels.

The majority of growth was achieved through organic means, but I also included strategic paid marketing within the social media plan and was responsible for managing this. Mainly on Facebook, I created a range of targeted adverts which attracted new customers to the page and encouraged them to visit Buff Concept Store.

After managing the social media presence for several months, I was then able to pass on a solid social media strategy to the owners of Buff so they could begin producing their social media content in-house.

Find out more: buffnwa.com