Bear Claw Catering

Bear Claw Catering freelance blogging social media servicesBear Claw Catering is a company which provides bespoke catering services for events such as weddings, dinner parties, baby showers, brunch parties and corporate events. I am responsible for creating blog content for Bear Claw in order to promote their services, strengthen their SEO ranking and encourage interaction, therefore increasing bookings for the company.

In order to do this successfully, I create a monthly blog schedule which outlines the topics to be covered and keywords to focus on, ensuring all blog posts are relevant and fit in with the style of Bear Claw Catering. By creating a few regular series, such as “Wedding Wednesday” posts covering wedding-related topics, mixed in with seasonal and other relevant posts, I have been able to provide regular, high quality content for the blog. As well as writing the posts, ensuring they are well written, SEO optimised and promote Bear Claw’s catering services in an organic way, I am also responsible for sourcing appropriate stock images to use.

In addition to creating the blog content, I am also responsible for writing social media updates to go along with each post. This ensures that each post can be shared quickly and easily on social media, encouraging interaction and ensuring more people visit the blog and find out about Bear Claw Catering.

Bear Claw Catering recently relaunched their website, and I was tasked with organising the social media content surrounding the relaunch. This involved creating a content calendar, sourcing appropriate stock images to use, creating a short promotional video, organising a competition to increase interaction, and writing additional social media content to support the relaunch of the website.

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