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I don’t know about you, but I spend my life going through a constant cycle of growing my hair out, chopping it all off, growing it out again, chopping it all off again. I can never decide whether I prefer my hair long or short, but I think I’ve finally settled on a bob as my favourite hairstyle (…for now anyway!).

The lovely team at Reilly Denholm recently invited me in to their Leith salon to get my hair done. I had been growing my hair out for a few months and it had just reached that really blaahhhh length, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to revive the bob.

reilly denholm edinburgh salon review

Reilly Denholm Edinburgh Salon

The salon is based on Salamander Street in Leith. When I visited, it was a very cold and snowy day, so I was glad to head inside the cosy salon! It has a very relaxed feel with cool, urban and industrial style decor, but it doesn’t feel at all intimidating.

And best of all? It’s a dog-friendly salon and these two cute puppers were there to greet me! Anywhere that welcomes dogs gets an automatic extra 10 points in my book.

reilly denholm edinburgh salon review

The team at Reilly Denholm is small – headed up by co-owner Josh and artistic director Sam – but very welcoming, friendly and knowledgable. The salon is still fairly new in Edinburgh, but they’ve already got a loyal bunch of customers and I can’t wait to see how the salon continues to grow.

Reilly Denholm use a range of Paul Mitchell products in the salon, as well as Awapuhi Wild Ginger and Moroccanoil products. In addition to hair cuts and blow dries, the salon also specialises in hair colouring, Easilocks extensions and Olaplex treatments.

reilly denholm edinburgh salon review

New Haircut at Reilly Denholm Edinburgh

After I arrived at the salon, I sat down for a quick chat with Josh about what I wanted. I’ve had a bob before, so knew pretty much what I wanted, but it was reassuring to hear from Josh exactly what kind of style and finish would work with my hair. Josh asked how I usually styled my hair so he could make sure the cut was easy for me to maintain at home – the less amount of time I have to spend getting ready in the morning, the better!

reilly denholm edinburgh salon review

After a hair wash and mini head massage, it was back in the chair to start snipping. Throughout the process, Josh kept checking to make sure I was happy with the length and style of the cut, giving me plenty of opportunities to adjust things slightly.

I hate when you go for a hair cut and it feels rushed or you don’t feel comfortable asking for changes, so it was lovely to feel relaxed and in control of what was happening.

reilly denholm edinburgh salon review

I think Josh must be a bit of a perfectionist as he spent ages making sure everything was just right! My finished hair cut was perfect, with exactly the right length, shape and style I was hoping for.

To finish things off, Josh styled my hair with some loose curls. I usually just wear my hair straight as it’s pretty straight naturally, so it was nice to do something different and get some tips on styling it with a curling wand.

reilly denholm edinburgh salon review

Worth a Visit?

I was really impressed with my trip to Reilly Denholm Edinburgh. The team clearly care about what they’re doing and want to create the perfect experience for customers.

I often feel a bit overwhelmed when I visit the hairdressers – either they’re too flashy and fashionable and I feel far too uncool to be there, or they seem a bit slapdash and I feel like I could have probably done a better job myself. That certainly isn’t the case at Reilly Denholm. They’ve managed to create an environment that’s relaxing and welcoming, and back it up with fantastic skills and knowledge.

reilly denholm edinburgh salon review

Another reason why I dislike going to the hairdressers is because it’s usually really expensive for a mediocre cut. Again, that’s totally not the case here! Prices start from just £31 for a cut and style, and from £48 for colour including highlights, lowlights and balayage. I don’t get my hair coloured, but the photos on Reilly Denholm’s Instagram page look beeeeautiful!

Have a wee look at the Reilly Denholm Edinburgh website to find out more about the salon, the team and the services they offer.



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  • Cori Schwabe says:

    So cute! I’m also at the annoying long and blah hair state. Getting my cut in the next couple weeks to move on from blah, haha.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Gillian says:

      Thank you! It’s totally the worst stage, isn’t it!

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