Watching Lately #19

The past few weeks have been busssssy. I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m busy with work and life stuff, I can always rely on Netflix to provide me with a couple of hours of relaxation. At the end of a long day, snuggling up in bed with something good to watch is the ideal way to unwind. So, I’ve been watching quite a lot of things recently and thought I’d give you my recommendations!

1. Black Lake

Currently available on BBC iPlayer, Black Lake is a mysterious Scandi drama set in a remote Swedish ski resort. The Black Lake resort was abandoned 20 years earlier after a family was murdered there, but ambitious Johan is determined to buy the property and make it a successful business. Johan, along with his girlfriend Hanne and several of their friends, take a trip to the resort but things soon start going wrong. There are mysterious goings on, hostile locals, several deaths, and a supernatural murder mystery to solve. I am totally hooked, and can’t wait for the last couple of episodes to air so I can find out what happens.

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2. The Good Place

Finding herself in “The Good Place” (aka a version of heaven) by mistake, self-centred Eleanor (Kristen Bell) has to try and fit in so she doesn’t get banished to “The Bad Place”. Along the way, she realises that she’s not the only one who doesn’t belong there, and she ropes in her new group of friends to try and teach her to be good. This show is really lighthearted and easy to watch, with plenty of absurd comical scenarios and a few twists and turns. I raced through the first series in a couple of days, and series 2 is currently being shown week-by-week on Netflix.

3. The Mist

Based on Stephen King’s classic tale, The Mist follows the residents of a small town as they battle with a mysterious mist covering the whole town. At the centre of the action is the Copeland family, with mum Eve and daughter Alex trapped in the mall, and dad Kevin going on a quest across town to find them. I’ve seen quite a lot of criticism about The Mist, particularly about it not really being a horror show. Fair enough, if you’re after some signature Stephen King horror, scary monsters or gory scenes, this will probably disappoint you. But if you’re a fan of slowing-burning eerie character dramas, then it’s definitely worth a watch.

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4. Atypical

Atypical follows autistic teenager Sam (Keir Gilchrist) on his quest to find a girlfriend. Having to deal with the struggles of family, school, friendship and love often takes its toll on Sam, but he is determined to become more independent. Although I don’t have much first-hand experience with autism, I thought the show represented Sam really well, showing that there’s much more to a person than just their autism. There were some great, funny storylines, heartwarming moments and plenty of multi-dimensional characters that you care about.

5. Ozark

After becoming involved with a drug cartel, mild-mannered financial advisor Martin Byrde (Jason Bateman) is forced to relocate to the Missouri Ozarks with his family. Ozark has a very Breaking Bad kinda vibe – seemingly normal family get involved with drug kingpins, everyone’s keeping secrets from each other, the father figure has to do some questionable things to protect his family etc etc etc. Despite their similarities, the two shows are quite different and both are worthy of praise in their own right. I thought Ozark  was gripping and atmospheric, with great acting and storylines, and I can’t wait for the next season.

What have you been watching lately?


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