Edinburgh: HD Brows at Ora Beauty

ora beauty edinburgh review

Ever since ‘doing your brows’ became a thing (remember the days of pencil-thin brows and no filling them in, ugh), I’ve been kind of obsessed with eyebrows. Over the years I’ve found various products and techniques that have vastly improved my brow game, but they’re still not quiiiiite perfect.

A couple of years ago I got HD Brows done once and loved them, but never bothered going back for the full course (which usually takes around 3-6 months). After looking back at old photos recently, I realised how good they looked HD’d, so I decided to have a look for a local salon which could help me perfect my brows. The lovely Nadine from Ora Beauty invited me in to check out the salon and try a complimentary HD Brows treatment.

ora beauty edinburgh review

HD Brows at Ora Beauty

If you’ve never heard of HD Brows before, it’s a step-by-step treatment from High Definition which uses several techniques to help shape and define your brows. Before we got started, Nadine and I had a chat about how I would like my brows to look. Each HD Brows treatment is tailored to your face shape, brow shape and what you hope to achieve from the final results, so you don’t need to worry about ending up with brows that won’t suit you.

ora beauty edinburgh review

I’m quite happy with the general shape of my brows, but I’d like them to be neater, more defined and a bit fuller, especially towards the bottom of my brows where there are a few little naked patches. Nadine started by mapping out my brows with pencil, working out where the front, arch and tail of my brow should be, and made sure I was happy with the shape before continuing with the rest of the treatment.

After my brows were tinted, Nadine worked her magic with the wax to create the perfect brow shape. HD Brows can also include a little bit of threading and plucking to make sure brows are defined and styled properly. To get the best results, Nadine advised that I should grow my brows out for a few weeks before my appointment – it was pretty difficult to leave my tweezers alone, but it was definitely worth it!

ora beauty edinburgh review

ora beauty edinburgh review

The results from the first treatment already look great. They’re much sharper and more defined than before, and the tint makes it so much quicker and easier to fill in my brows in the morning. I’m going back to Ora Beauty for the next round in a couple of weeks – hopefully after a couple more treatments my brows will be looking tip-top!

Ora Beauty Salon, Edinburgh

When I arrived at Ora Beauty on a rainy Saturday morning, I immediately felt nice and relaxed. Decorated with gorgeous neutral decor, there’s a High Definition makeup stand at the front counter (who knew they did makeup other than brow products?!) which you can browse as you wait for your appointment.

ora beauty edinburgh review

As well as HD Brows, Ora Beauty also offer a range of other beauty treatments including shellac manicures, LVL lash lifts and Fake Bake tanning. Nadine also told me about how Ora Beauty specialise in waxing using Lycon hot wax and strip wax. I’ve never actually had a wax before (aside from brows!), so I might need to be brave and get my legs done next time I’m off on holiday.

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