5 Ways to Support Bloggers You Love

It seems like every time I open Twitter, another blogger is feeling disheartened about something or other. Whether it’s negative reactions to sponsored content, a lack of interaction on new blog posts, or the constant follow/unfollow battle on Instagram, there’s always something. Standing out is getting harder and harder, and sometimes it can feel like an impossible uphill struggle just to find the motivation to post.

In general, I blog because I want to – regardless of who’s reading or commenting. But it’s always nice to see that people are enjoying what you’re writing, and it’s even nicer to start conversations and build friendships with people through blogging. To beat the algorithms and make blogging more of a community again, there are a few little things you can do to support bloggers you love.

ways to support bloggers you love

1. Like, comment and follow

The most obvious (and easiest) way you can support bloggers you love is to interact with their content. If you relate to their latest blog post, leave a comment and tell them about your experiences. If they’ve posted a particularly pretty picture on Instagram, double tap and give it a like. If you’re only following them on Twitter, check out their other social media platforms and follow along there too.

I definitely need to get better at leaving comments as it literally takes less than a minute to do – and it always brightens my day when I see a couple of new comments on my latest blog post. Get liking, retweeting, sharing, commenting and following!

ways to support bloggers you love

2. Click their affiliate links

Some people seem to really hate affiliate links, and I’m not sure why. All that happens is your favourite blogger makes a few pennies commission every time you click their link and purchase a product. You’d be purchasing the product anyway (and you pay the exact same price for it), so why not use affiliate links and support bloggers you love at the same time?

If you spot an amazing dress in your favourite blogger’s latest outfit post, click the link to find out where it’s from – there’s no obligation to purchase it, but if you do, the blogger will earn a little bit of commission. If they’re a full time blogger, this can be a vital part of their income, or if it’s someone who blogs just as a hobby the money will probably be reinvested in domain name charges or flatlay props!

ways to support bloggers you love

3. Share their blog posts

If you’re a blogger yourself, chances are you’ll have been inspired by another blogger’s post at some point – so link back to their original post in yours. Or if you’re doing a roundup post, include a few links to your favourite posts of the week or a few key posts related to the subject you’re talking about.

If you don’t have a blog, you can also support bloggers you love by sharing their posts on social media. A quick retweet literally takes two seconds, and sharing a Facebook post couldn’t be easier. Recently, I’ve also seen a few people recommending their favourite Instagram accounts on Instagram Stories. This is a great (and super quick and easy!) way to show some love to your favourite bloggers.

ways to support bloggers you love

4. Engaged with sponsored content

Sponsored posts are another controversial subject. I must admit, I hate it when I spot a copy-and-paste press release style sponsored post about something completely random. But in general, most bloggers are really creative when it comes to sponsored content and I love seeing how different people interpret the brief differently. Just because it’s sponsored, it doesn’t mean it’s “bad” content – in fact, probably double the amount of time and effort has gone into producing it than a standard blog post!

Whether it’s an ad post on Instagram or a sponsored blog post, make sure to like, comment and share if you enjoyed the post. If a blogger’s sponsored content does well, that brand or agency are likely to be happy with the results which will lead to more opportunities for that blogger. Plus, you might actually discover some new products you otherwise wouldn’t have heard about – I know I have!

ways to support bloggers you love

5. Make friends

One of the most important aspects of blogging for me is finding friends and making genuine connections with people. Almost all of my closest friends are people I’ve met through blogging. It’s easy to fall into the trap of sticking within your little friendship circle, but there are hundreds of bloggers out there who would no doubt make a perfect addition to you group.

Whether it’s just a wee bit of friendly chat on Twitter, helping to organise a local meet up, or making new friends who might turn into best pals, it’s always worth connecting with people who have similar interests to you. Help to support the bloggers you love by being genuine, honest and friendly. What starts out as an online friendship often turns into an offline friendship too, and even if it doesn’t it’s always nice to have a great network of supportive friends whenever you log on to Twitter or Instagram.

How do you support bloggers you love?


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  • Charlotte says:

    You know I was only recently saying to someone that as bloggers we don’t comment on other blogs enough and we don’t share each other’s posts as much as we used to! I read a lot of blogs on bloglovin and I’m really trying to make an effort to comment on posts I have enjoyed!

    • Gillian says:

      Definitely, comments used to be such a huge thing a few years ago and now hardly anyone comments any more. I’m definitely guilty of it myself – need to get better at commenting and sharing all the great posts I read!

  • Olivia says:

    Brilliant piece! Social media has become such a platform these days and we should all work together to share each others posts. I am relatively new to blogging but have started an art blog called ‘Art for the People’s Sake’ and am just getting to grips with how to share my blogs to the widest audience possible!

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