Arconic Brush Review: The Ultimate Hairbrush

arconic brush review - essential hairbrush styling tools

When it comes to styling your hair at home, most of us know our way around a pair of straighteners or a curling tong. But brushes and blowdries? Pretty much impossible to achieve big, bouncy hair with just a simple hairbrush like they do in salons. The Arconic Brush* claims to make styling your hair at home super easy, but does it live up to expectations?

arconic brush review - essential hairbrush styling tools

What is the Arconic Brush?

The Arconic Brush is a curved paddle brush, bringing together the best bits of a traditional paddle brush and a round brush. Invented by Scottish hairdresser John Gillespie, the brush makes it easy to work with large sections of hair to add volume and movement when drying your hair. The unique curved shape retains the feel and ease of a paddle brush, but has the added styling benefits of a round brush.

John Gillespie had noticed a brush like this – which could be used by both stylists in salons and customers at home – was missing from the market, so set about designing one himself. One thing that I love about the Arconic Brush is that it’s made in Scotland.

arconic brush review - essential hairbrush styling tools

How to use the Arconic Brush

I really struggle to use a round brush effectively and find that my hair often gets caught in it or the finished style is a bit all over the place, unlike the sleek, voluminous blowdries you get in salons. Likewise, I rarely used my normal paddle brush to style my hair – instead I just blast my hair with a hairdryer and go over it with straighteners after to style it.

So, when the Arconic Brush team invited me along to an event recently to find out all about the revolutionary new hairbrush, I was very intrigued. After seeing some demonstrations at the event, I tried the brush out at home to see if I could achieve the same kind of style myself.

arconic brush review - essential hairbrush styling tools

The Arconic Brush is really easy to use. It just glides through your hair, and because of the curved shape you can easily flick your hair in at the ends to create a nice, neat style. I usually rough dry my hair so it’s about 70% dry, then start styling with the Arconic Brush. It makes my hair look very sleek and it definitely adds more volume than just rough drying alone – and my hair never gets caught in it, which is a plus!

Now, I’m still getting the hang of how to use the brush and I’m not an expert quite yet – so I must admit I do still use my straighteners sometimes to sort out little sections of hair that aren’t quite sitting right. However this is much quicker and easier than straightening all my hair like I was doing before! I finish off the style with a little spritz of Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray to give a little bit of extra volume to my hair.

arconic brush review - essential hairbrush styling tools

Worth investing in?

The Arconic Brush is available to buy online for £19.99 and I think it’s well worth the money if you struggle styling your hair at home. It’s not a miracle cure – you will still need to do a bit of practising to perfect your styling technique – but it does make things a lot easier when it comes to blowdrying your hair.

Because of its paddle brush style, it works well for just brushing through your hair as well as styling it. So, for example, it would be the perfect brush to take away on holiday with you so you had a tool that’s great for both styling and everyday use.

Have you tried the Arconic Brush yet?


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