5 Quick Ways to Refresh Your Blog

quick ways to refresh your blog 5

January is the perfect time to give your blog a quick refresh. New year, new you and all that. Whether you’ve made it a New Year’s Resolution to improve your blog, or just fancy giving things a quick makeover, here are a few easy ways to refresh your blog.

Choose a new blog template

Changing your blog template is one of the most obvious ways to refresh your blog. If you’re happy with your existing design, you might want to give it a quick tweak with a new colour scheme or new header images. But if you’ve been wondering about completely changing your template for a while, now is the time to do it!

If you’re on a budget, try a premade theme from a designer on Etsy like Kotryna Bass or 17th Avenue Designs – these templates are quick and easy to install so your shiny new blog can be up and running instantly. If you’re after a more bespoke design, get in touch with a designer like Kim Lawler Creative or Miel Cafe Design – but be aware that you may have to  wait a few months for your design and it will cost more as it’s a unique template built just for you.

quick ways to refresh your blog

Change your About page

Your About page is one of the first places new readers or PR companies will check when they visit your blog, so it’s a good idea to make sure it’s up to date. Give it a refresh for 2017 by writing a new bio for yourself, including a blurb about your blog and making sure your contact details and social media links are correct. I could do with taking my own advice on this one as my About page is definitely in need of an update!

Check for broken links

How long has it been since you last clicked through all the links in your blog’s menu or sidebar? Probably quite a while! Another easy way to give your blog a quick refresh is to check for broken links and update any that are out of date. Not only does this make it easier for visitors to navigate around your website, but it also helps boost your SEO and you can use the opportunity to update old links to make them affiliate links. You can even use a broken link checker so you don’t have to manually check each and every link.

quick ways to refresh your blog

Update your plugins

If you’re on WordPress, you’ll no doubt have a few plugins installed. If you don’t, I wrote a post recently about 7 Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers – trust me, they’re good! In terms of giving your blog a refresh, updating your plugins is a good idea to help make sure your blog is running efficiently and has all the features you need. Delete any ones you don’t use any more, reinstall any that have updates, and browse for any new plugins you want to add.

Buy a domain name

If you haven’t already bought one, it’s definitely worth investing in a domain name for your blog. On average, a domain name costs around £10 a year so it’s very affordable and has lots of benefits – including improved SEO ranking, custom email addresses and just the fact that it’s easier for people to remember. I currently use Bluehost to host my WordPress blog and domain and can’t recommend them enough.

Will you be trying out these quick ways to refresh your blog?


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  • Lucy says:

    I love giving my blog a refresh! I think one is due soon!xx

    Lucy x | lucy-cole.co.uk

    • Gillian says:

      It makes me feel so motivated when my blog is looking neat and tidy, always good to have a refresh now and again!

  • Diana says:

    I could definitely use a new template for my blog, its time for a refresher for sure! Thank you for the lovely list xo

    Sending love and light your way,


    • Gillian says:

      Choosing a new template is always fun, I love seeing everyone’s different blog designs!

  • emily says:

    great tips!


    • Gillian says:

      Thanks Emily, hope you found them useful!

  • Alyse says:

    Good reminders of little things I need to do myself – all those tiny tasks that add up over time! By the way, I’m loving the photographs with this post.

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