How to Hygge

how to hygge

Hygge is everywhere at the moment. So much so that it’s becoming a bit of a cliche already. If, somehow, you haven’t heard of the term hygge before, it’s a Danish word which means something along the lines of “cosy togetherness”. It’s difficult to translate it directly into English as it’s a word which encompasses feelings, atmosphere, actions and places. Despite not having our own word for it, I’ve discovered that hygge is something I’ve been unconsciously practicing myself for years. Here are some of my favourite ways to get that warm and fuzzy hygge feeling.

how to hygge

Stay Cosy

One of the most important aspects of hygge is feeling comfortable, warm and safe. So what could be better than having a hot shower, putting on a fresh pair of pyjamas and snuggling up on the sofa for the evening? Blankets are of the utmost importance – currently I have nine blankets in my living room and I’m always tempted to buy more. Whenever I’m having a night in, you’ll find me tucked up under my favourite blanket on the sofa, with a pair of cosy socks and the biggest, baggiest hoody you’ve ever seen.

Light Candles

Candles are also vital when it comes to creating a hygge environment. Apparently the Danes prefer unscented candles, but I must admit I do enjoy something lightly perfumed. I’m loving the Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint Candle but it’s rather pricey, so for a more affordable option I love IKEA’s vanilla candles. Whatever kind you choose – lanterns, tealights, pillar candles, jars – just make sure to light plenty of them to create a warm, flickering glow in the room.

how to hygge

how to hygge

Switch Off

For optimum hygge-ness, switch off your phone, close your laptop and take a break from technology for a few hours. Dig out that stack of books you’ve been meaning to read for ages, and start working your way through them. I’ve been reading The Little Book of Hygge lately which is a lovely, quick and easy read to give you an introduction to the “Danish way to live well”. Now I’m going to make the most of the long, dark evenings and delve into some of the half-finished novels on my bookshelf.

Comfort Food & Drink

Having a hot chocolate, coffee or cup of tea is the perfect way to make you feel a little bit more hygge. Hot drinks coupled with comfort food is just what you need at this time of year. From hearty stews to indulgent mac and cheese, you can’t go wrong with some traditional dinners to make you feel all warm and cosy inside. When you’re out and about, look for cute, rustic little cafes to enjoy a coffee and slice of cake whilst watching the winter weather outside – guaranteed hygge factor!

how to hygge

how to hygge

Time with Friends

Another of the most important aspects of hygge is spending time with friends and family, ideally in a casual setting where you can relax and enjoy each other’s company. This could mean anything from drinks and Sunday lunch in your favourite pub to a movie night at home with plenty of popcorn, or even your own pot-luck style dinner party where everyone gets involved in the cooking. Check out my Dinner Party blog post for some inspiration on how to throw your own gathering.

Embrace Hygge

And the best tip of all? Just embrace hygge! Throughout all aspects of your day, try to make things as relaxing, cosy and enjoyable as possible. Slow down and take some time out for yourself – even if it’s just treating yourself to a hot chocolate on your lunch break or spending a night in with a Netflix marathon and plenty of blankets. Spend time with people who make you happy and – of course – light lots and lots and lots of candles.

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  • ananyah says:

    This sounds like the perfect way to spend Winter. Knowing me, I’d end up napping on the sofa and wake up with a sore neck instead!

    Think I’m going to try ‘hygge’ one weekend soon, baby steps and all that!

  • Ruth says:

    Absolutely agree! Have the same book and it totally outs into words my favourite feeling/practice I’ve been doing since I moved out of my parents house. Even being back there for Christmas is hygge to me.

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