Wishlist: Birthday Dreaming

With my birthday just a couple of weeks away, I’ve been busy browsing my favourite websites for some gift inspiration. The older you get, the harder it is to answer that question “what would you like for your birthday?”. Now that I’m a proper adult (well, supposedly) and have money to burn (lies), I tend to treat myself on the regular, so by the time my birthday rolls around there’s not much left on my wishlist. However, after a quick browse online, I’ve managed to find a few birthday gifts I definitely wouldn’t refuse.

birthday wishlist

1. Apricot Marble II Necklace by Wolf & Moon 2. Amazing Grace Lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury 3. Speaker Pointed Heels by ASOS 4. Nib & Ink by Chiara Perano 5.Lettering Art Pen by Rotring 6. Classic Sponge by Beautyblender 7. Luna Dusk Print by Tom Pigeon 8. Marble & Copper Bar Tools Set by Oliver Bonas 9. Red Blanket Scarf by Accessorize 10. Nectarine Blossom & Honey Candle by Jo Malone

Fashion-wise, I’m really into necklaces and scarves at the moment. I’ve been meaning to buy myself a nice red scarf for years, and this one from Accessorize looks perfectly cosy and ideal for layering with striped tshirts and black jeans. I’ve already got a few pieces from Wolf & Moon, and I think this Marble Necklace would make a nice addition to my jewellery box – especially if paired with a black dress and the Speaker Pointed Heels from ASOS.

Makeup used to make up like 70% of my wishlists, but these days I’m pretty happy with my routine and rarely buy myself new makeup. I do, however, quite fancy adding a Beautyblender to my makeup bag to see if they live up to the hype. After visiting the Charlotte Tilbury counter in Glasgow this weekend I’ve added the Amazing Grace Lipstick to my wishlist too – it (and the rest of the range) looks gorgeous, but as I don’t really wear lipstick very often it’s not the sort of thing I would buy for myself. But if any of you fancy getting it for my birthday gift… y’know. Same goes for Jo Malone candles – they’re lovely but a little bit too luxury to justify buying for myself.

I’ve been in love with Tom Pigeon’s Luna Print for years and it would be the perfect addition to my gallery wall (if I ever get round to framing my existing prints and hanging them up, that is). Speaking of arty things, I’ve been wanting to try my hand at modern calligraphy and hand lettering, and the beautiful Nib & Ink book looks like a great introduction to the subject.

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What’s on your wishlist at the moment?

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