New Hair: Austen Thomson Edinburgh

austen thomson hair edinburgh salon review

Hellooooo, new hair! I’m one of those people who is constantly in a cycle of growing my hair out then deciding I want it short again then growing it out again then getting it short again. But I think I may have been converted to short hair once and for all, thanks to my new hair cut from Austen Thomson. I had been growing my hair out since last summer, but it had got to that really boring mid-length (before picture here!) and I was more than ready for a change when the team at Austen Thomson got in touch to offer me a complimentary hair cut.

austen thomson hair edinburgh salon review

The Cut

I knew I wanted a bob, so before visiting the Austen Thomson salon I had a quick browse through Pinterest for some inspiration. I wanted something short but not too short, something easy to style and something that made my hair look and feel less heavy. Once I arrived at the salon, Louise sat down and had a chat with me about my hair and what I wanted. With many hairdressers, this is just a quick 2 minute conversation covering the new style you want, but Louise went much more in-depth which was great. Not only did she ask about the style I hoped to achieve, but she also asked lots about my hair type, my styling routine, the products I used etc. so she could create a style that would suit my lifestyle and be simple for me to maintain.

austen thomson hair edinburgh salon review

I’m really happy with the finished style, it’s exactly what I had in mind. As Louise was cutting my hair, she talked me through what she was doing which meant I got a better idea of how it would look and how I could style it. My hair is fairly low-maintenance overall, but one of my main problems is that it’s quite thick and heavy so the roots end up looking flat but there’s too much volume at the tips; to combat this, Louise cut in layers from underneath, leaving my hair much lighter but still keeping the sleek shape of the bob on top. I also picked up some tips about how often to condition my hair and how to dry and style it.

Austen Thomson Hair Salon

Located in Leith, the salon mixes together traditional Edinburgh Georgian architecture and sleek, modern design. I loved the decor in the salon with its muted colours and simple furniture mixed in with period features and gold gilt mirrors – they recently celebrated their 5th birthday with a refit and it’s certainly looking very swish now! The salon also felt really welcoming as everyone was very friendly and chatty; I visited on a Saturday afternoon so there was a nice busy atmosphere with lots of regular clients in getting their hair done.

austen thomson hair edinburgh salon review

This was my first visit to Austen Thomson, but I would definitely go back again soon. Not only did Louise do an amazing job cutting my hair, I was also really impressed by her attention to detail and taking the time to have a proper consultation with me beforehand. Getting a drastic change in style can be a big decision, so it was reassuring to know that Louise took the time to work out exactly what would suit me best before snipping away.

austen thomson hair salon edinburgh review

If you’re on the look out for a new hair salon in Edinburgh, I would definitely recommend checking out Austen Thomson!

Gillian x

Salon photos c/o Austen Thomson.


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  • Maria says:

    This haircut looks amazing on you!

    Maria xxx

  • Katie says:

    Ooh it looks lovely! That style really does suit you. I’ve just had a nightmare haircut that I’m hoping to get fixed on Friday! Will be going somewhere different haha.

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