Top 5: Unusual Date Ideas in Edinburgh

Bored of visiting the same pub every week with your other half, or looking for somewhere quirky to impress a first date? Edinburgh is full of unusual venues and cool things to do which are perfect for when date night rolls around. Here are five of my favourite tried and tested date ideas in Edinburgh.

Unusual date ideas in Edinburgh

1. Pool and Pizza at Marcos Pool Hall

This one is ideal if you’ve both got a bit of a competitive side! I recently went along to a blogger event hosted by Marcos Pool Hall and I thought it would be the perfect place for a date. Having only played pool once in my life before, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by how sleek and modern Marcos was – and playing pool was pretty fun too once I started to get the hang of it! Start off by sharing one of the tasty create-your-own pizzas and a couple of cocktails (I’d recommend the Drumstick) upstairs in the bar, then head downstairs to the pool hall to try and beat your other half. It’s a pretty budget-friendly date night too as hiring a pool table is only £7 an hour, pizzas are around £6 and cocktails start from £3.95. Bargain!

Unusual date ideas in Edinburgh

2. Go on a Ghost Tour

Joining in with an underground ghost tour certainly makes for an unusual date idea in Edinburgh and an experience you’re not likely to forget any time soon. Depending on how scary you like things, you can opt for anything from a tame historical tour to a full-blown terrifying paranormal experience – I’d recommend something in the middle so it doesn’t leave you traumatised but it does give you an excuse to cuddle up to your date during particularly creepy moments. There are lots of different ghost tour operators to choose from; Mercat Tours are one of the best and do a good range of different tours.

Unusual date ideas in Edinburgh

3. Explore the Camera Obscura & World of Illusions

If you’re looking for a daytime date which is slightly more exciting than going for coffee, a visit to the Camera Obscura is a great option. Full of optical illusions, tricks of the eye and interactive exhibits, it’s the perfect place to act like big kids for a few hours. It’s also full of amazing photo opportunities where you and your date can swap heights, pose in magic mirrors or become floating heads. There’s endless entertainment to be had in the World of Illusions, but don’t forget to head up to the roof for the Camera Obscura show and stunning panoramic views of Edinburgh.

Unusual date ideas in Edinburgh
Unusual date ideas in Edinburgh

4. Movie Night at the Dominion Cinema

Going to the cinema is a pretty typical date idea, but the Dominion is anything but a typical cinema. This art deco style picturehouse is kitted out with comfy sofas for a truly luxurious cinema-going experience – ideal for snuggling up with your date during the film. Add in a couple of glasses of wine and some of their top-quality snacks and you’ve got yourself the perfect movie night date. As well as a selection of the best new releases, also look out for special screenings of old films at the Dominion.

5. Museum Lates at National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street is a pretty fun place for a date during the day, but it becomes even more fun at night. Look out for their regular Museum Lates events which are themed around the exhibitions in the museum. The next one is on the 13th May and has a Celts theme, and you can expect live music from Idlewild, a DJ set from Vic Galloway, performances from the Beltane Fire Society, storytelling sessions, a silent ceilidh, craft activities with Red Door Gallery and lots more – all in the stunning setting of the museum at night. With plenty to see and do, you won’t run out of things to talk about on your date.

What are you favourite date ideas in Edinburgh?



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