Cocktail Masterclass at All Bar One

all bar one cocktail masterclass edinburgh

all bar one cocktail masterclass edinburgh

Over the years I’ve been to quite a few cocktail masterclasses. They’re ideal for celebrating things like birthdays, or if you fancy doing something relatively classy (but still acceptable to get totally drunk at) on your hen night. This week I went along to a cocktail masterclass at All Bar One in Edinburgh along with Louise and Laura, and we spent a couple of hours honing our shaker technique and alcohol-to-mixers ratio.

all bar one cocktail masterclass edinburgh

all bar one cocktail masterclass edinburgh

Cocktail Masterclass

After arriving at All Bar One and settling down at our table, already laid out with lots of cocktail equipment, our bartender Michael gave us a little introduction to the cocktails we would be making. First up was a Sunrise, followed by an Espresso Martini and finished off with a fruity Daiquiri. The Sunrise is a cocktail unique to All Bar One and included a refreshing combination of Opihr Gin, lime, ginger cordial and mango puree served in a cute little Opihr box. Unfortunately I don’t like coffee so the Espresso Martini wasn’t a favourite for me, but I still had a bash at making it! The final cocktail was definitely the best of the night; we learnt how to make a basic daiquiri mix and then customised it with our own flavour of fruit puree. I went for white peach, Laura chose mango and Louise made a strawberry version.

all bar one cocktail masterclass edinburgh

All Bar One Edinburgh

I had been to the All Bar One on George Street a couple of times before, but this was my first visit to the one at Exchange Plaza. This one is slightly more tucked away so it had a much more chilled out atmosphere, so it was perfect for a leisurely weeknight cocktail masterclass. We had a big table to ourselves which was perfect for shaking up our cocktails, and there were plenty of booths and tables around which would have been great if we had been grabbing some food afterwards.

all bar one cocktail masterclass edinburgh

Cocktails at All Bar One

All Bar One do a mixture of cocktail classics and their own creations, so there’s plenty of choice on the drinks menu. At the cocktail masterclass, you can choose which three cocktails your group would like to make so you can find something everyone will enjoy. The cocktail masterclasses are £20 per person and are usually for groups of six or more, although we managed to have an excellent time just the three of us! Find out more about All Bar One cocktail masterclasses here.

I would say the cocktail masterclass at All Bar One would be best suited to beginners who haven’t had much experience of making cocktails before. It was a great introduction and there were plenty of simple tips which you could pick up and then use when making your own cocktails at home. If you’re after an in-depth, expert masterclass this probably isn’t for you, but if you’re just looking for a fun night out with pals where you can make your own cocktails then it would be perfect.

EDIT: After another terrible experience at All Bar One (read more about it in Louise’s post here) coupled with the disappointing service on a previous visit for brunch, I would now be very reluctant to recommend All Bar One and will not be visiting there again. It’s a shame as their food and cocktails are pretty good, but service is just as important and I certainly won’t be supporting All Bar One when they put such little effort into improving their service.

Have you been to a cocktail masterclass before?

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  • em says:

    this looks so good!

  • Anca says:

    Aww, I went to a cocktail masterclass last week, it was fab. I loved Espresso Martini, but I love coffee 🙂 I’m glad you had a wonderful time. x

  • Christy says:

    Brilliant! I’m heading to Edinburgh for my hen weekend in June so this might be worth looking into!
    Any other ideas for hen do activities in the capital 🙂

    Christy x
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  • Helen says:

    I love cocktail masterclasses! My favourite was at The Botanist where we actually went behind the bar and tried free pouring.

  • Maria says:

    This sounds amazing, I would love to do a cocktail masterclass!

    Maria xxx

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