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If you like Italian food and casual, street food style dining then there's only one place you need to know about in Edinburgh: Civerinos. Calling themselves a street food and pizza slice bar, Civerinos have taken all the elements of Italian food that we know and love and have updated things to make it a bit more laid back and modern. I visited Civerinos for the first time a couple of months ago and really enjoyed the food, so I was delighted when they invited me back to try out some more of the menu.

After perusing the menu, we decided to start off with some bruschetta and calamari to share. Forget everything you know about bruschetta, because this is the real deal. No soggy baguette slices topped with tinned tomatoes here! A thin and crispy focaccia flatbread is topped with a delicious fresh mix of tomatoes, basil, red onion, garlic and olive oil, served on a board with its own pizza slicer so you can divide it up and share easily. It's hard to choose a favourite dish, but this just might be my top pick from Civerinos as it's so simple but done really well. The calamari was also really good; nice and crispy with a garlic & parsley aioli for dipping.

Next up, we moved onto main courses and our eyes were definitely bigger than our bellies as we ordered a lot of food. Seriously, the portions here are very generous so I'd definitely recommend sharing a starter and maybe even a main course between two. Civerinos really encourage sharing your food and making it a sociable experience; the tables are big long communal ones with benches so you can all gather around, and food is served on boards and platters with a stack of paper plates so you can share it out however you like. We opted for the meat & cheese platter which came with a variety of spicy sausages, proscuitto ham, mozzarella, gorgonzola and goats cheese, as well as salad and focaccia bread with a rich tomatoey beef sugo sauce for dipping. I think the focaccia and sugo was actually my favourite part of the whole platter - will definitely need to try out some of the pastas with sugo on my next visit! We also shared a pepperoni pizza which was perfectly crispy with a nice thin sourdough base and gooey mozzarella and sliced Italian sausage topping. I'm not really a fan of thick, stodgy pizza bases so I love Civerinos pizzas. And I've just discovered they're available on Deliveroo so no more horrible takeaway pizza for me!

By the time we got to dessert, we were pretty much stuffed full but we managed to squeeze in another course for the purpose of a well-rounded review (well, that's what I'm telling myself anyway). A nearby table had ordered the Nutella calzone which looked and smelled amazing, but sadly we couldn't manage this and instead decided to opt for the slightly lighter Italian zeppole hot doughnuts with cinnamon sugar. Drizzled with a little bit of Nutella, these were delicious and the perfect end to the meal - a little bit like an Italian version of churros. Yum Yum Yum.

To celebrate their first birthday, Civerinos are launching some new dishes so keep your eyes peeled for them on the menu soon. If you're a fan of Italian food then I would definitely recommend paying them a visit!

Gillian x


  1. Oh my goodness, this looks incredible!

    Maria xxx

  2. The food looks to die for! The one in the third looks lovely!

  3. Omg this looks beautiful. I definitely need to visit, even if it's just for that meat & cheese platter! xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels


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