Outfit: Classic Stripes


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striped breton tee outfit 2
Top: Joy
Jeans: New Look
Necklace: H&M
Bag: Oasis at House of Fraser*
Sunglasses: Rayban*
Shoes: Lotta from Stockholm

A rare spell of sunshine this weekend called for a day of exploring the neighbourhood, eating cupcakes and - shock horror - wearing open toed sandals! Seriously though, I think this is the first time this summer I've worn something other than ankle boots or ballet pumps. Not that I'm complaining, I can't wait for autumn... sorry summer fans. I'm currently trying to downsize my wardrobe so I have less stuff (but actually wear most of it), and this is one of those classic outfits which will always be a staple in my wardrobe. You really can't go wrong with a navy Breton striped top and a pair of skinny jeans, can you? This particular striped top is from Joy and, although it seems to be sold out at the moment, they also have a red version which is equally nice. I know this because Laura has the red one; we are apparently the sort of weirdos who wear matching clothes now, HIYA.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a good black handbag for everyday use? I've been searching for mooooonths for one which is big but not too big, has plenty of zippy pockets and compartments, is simple but not too boring and can fit all my essentials in it (which often includes my laptop and camera). Well, Oasis have done it! Their Terri tote bag is perfect. There are so many compartments (yesssss) and plenty of room for all my stuff, but it still looks quite nice and compact for daily use. House of Fraser have a great selection of tote bags with lots of sizes, shapes and colours - but I knew as soon as I saw Terri she was the one for me!

With the wardrobe streamlining, I've discovered that the only colours I really wear are black, navy, grey and red. I'm all about the red accessories, like these clogs by Lotta from Stockholm. Aren't they lovely? I've had them for a couple of years but sadly haven't worn them all that much because the weather here is usually terrible. I'm quite tempted to get one of the closed toe Highwood pairs to wear with tights in the autumn.

What are your classic staple outfits?

Gillian x


  1. I am exactly the same when it comes to my staple outfit - stripes all the way. Currently kicking myself for not buying an exact copy of a top I already own in the Joules sale because I know that when my current one eventually gets to old I will be in need of an instant replacement! Also love that bag - it is exactly what I have been looking for to take to work so may have to pop in to Oasis and see what I can find! x

  2. You look lovely Gillian. New Look Jeans are my favs. I have loads of them.
    I try and downsize my wardrobe all the time, its funny though as I always buy the same things and everything seems to be black . x

  3. I love this outfit. I need a stripe top like this. You can never go wrong with a stripe!

    ​​​​Leanne​ x​
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