Edinburgh: Indoor Picnic at Monboddo


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So, you've probably noticed that the weather this summer has been absolutely terrible. I think the last time there was a full day of sunshine suitable enough for a picnic was... erm, April? To make the best of a bad situation, the clever folks at Monboddo have devised an indoor picnic so you can enjoy all the best bits of outdoor dining without having to worry about getting rained on. A couple of weekends ago, they kindly invited me along to try out the indoor picnic package with a few other blogger chums.

First up was that British summertime staple, a glass of Pimms. We sipped our drinks and caught up on all the latest news: Lynne's wedding preparations; Kirsty's holiday chat; Laura's new job. We had a table right by the window so had a pretty lovely view of Edinburgh Castle (and there were actually some blue skies for a while!). The indoor picnic package includes a platter of mini BBQ picnic food with corn on the cob, mini burger sliders, baby baked potatoes and coleslaw. After the obligatory Instagram photos were taken, we all tucked in and it didn't take us long to demolish the platters. Each platter is shared between two people, so you get a decent wee selection of nibbles each.

Once we had finished our food, we perused the cocktail menu to choose the cocktails we fancied. As well as Pimms and food, the package also includes two sample cocktails (basically slightly smaller versions of the normal cocktails served in a flute rather than a big cocktail glass). I went for a Bramble and The Monboddo, a fresh gin concoction with pomegranate and passion fruit. We also got a sorbet which was made using the same flavours as the signature Monboddo cocktail - evidently I made a good choice with my drinks order!

The indoor picnic package is on every weekend (Thursday to Sunday) during August and is priced at £25 per person. It's quite pricey for a lunch, but it was a fun little experience so definitely worth it if you want to do something a bit special. I was kind of hoping there would be a dessert platter - some cupcakes or mini tarts would have been perfect for the picnic theme - as there wasn't an awful lot of food considering the price, but we all enjoyed it nonetheless. You can find out more about the picnic package and Monboddo's other offers here.

Will you be trying out an indoor picnic this summer?

Gillian x


  1. Beautiful photos and the food looks soooo delicious!
    Anne-Sophie | Moonlit Stories

  2. I love and miss Pimms so much, need to order it online as they don't sell it here. You definitely inspired me to do an indoor picnic, it looks lovely!

  3. This looks and sounds lovely, I used to do indoor picnics a lot, I think I need to bring them back!

    Maria xxx


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