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If you've wandered along Frederick Street during the last couple of months, you might have noticed that Amicus Apple has been replaced by The Boozy Cow. Although still run by the same people, this bar and restaurant is pretty much unrecognisable from its former incarnation. Now, don't get me wrong: Amicus Apple was nice. Nice food, nice drinks, nice atmosphere. But, it was always the sort of place you just ended up, rather than the sort of place you raved about and couldn't wait to make a return visit. That has all changed with The Boozy Cow and, somehow in a city overflowing with great cocktail and burger places, it brings something new to the table.

Laura and I headed along last week to try out the new menu and we had more than our fair share of delicious food and cocktails. After a quick introduction from the manager, explaining a bit about the idea behind The Boozy Cow and what their food is all about, we perused the menu. They're really big on the idea of sharing, getting stuck in and letting things get a little bit messy, encouraging you to ditch the cutlery and eat with your hands (don't worry - plenty of kitchen roll available on the tables!). I opted for a Phili Cheese Steak and Laura went for the Maple Bacon Cheeseburger, and then we shared some sides of onion rings, skinny fries and (on a recommendation from our waitress) cheese waffles. Everything comes served on a big metal tray so you can easily swap and share and try a bit of everything. The food was, like, next level delicious. My Phili Cheese Steak was melt-in-the-mouth, with a brioche sub filled with tender steak strips, onions, pepper and The Boozy Cow's speciality cheese sauce. The fries were super skinny and crispy, just how I like them, and the onion rings weren't greasy at all. And the savoury waffles with cheese sauce, sweet onions and soured cream were an inspired choice, a bit like mac and cheese but with added potatoes! Once that was all polished off, we shared the one and only dessert on the menu, the Chocolate Stampede. Basically, a bucket filled with all the good things you'd want from a dessert: ice cream, honeycomb, cookie dough, marshmallows, whipped cream and peanut dust topping.

Whilst we were enjoying our food, The Boozy Cow's resident cocktail expert selected some drinks from their menu for us to try too. As well as all the regular bar equipment, downstairs in the kitchen they've got plenty of speciality gear too so they can make their own infusions, powders and even their own speciality ice! We started off the night with a Disco Bru, which is a mix of Bacardi, lime and an Irn Bru reduction - an Irn Bru daiquiri, if you will. We also had a Boozy Back Cow which will be pretty familiar to Amicus regulars (clue: Hollaback girrrrrl) and some new concoctions like the Bacon Maple Old Fashioned (whiskey infused with the essence of maple bacon fat... lots of sciencey things going on in this one to create a surprisingly smooth and tasty drink!) and the Moo Tai (The Boozy Cow's twist on a classic rum and grand marnier Mai Tai). I also loved the Million Dollar Milkshake - I mean, how can you not love something that comes served in it's own wee sippy carton! This is a blend of Kahlua, milk and their very own specially powdered Nutella.

The grungry warehouse feel of the restaurant was livened up with grafitti all over the walls, vintage filament lightbulbs and comfy leather booths to relax in, and the laid back atmosphere was complimented by friendly service from the staff. The food and drinks were all excellent, and the menu was the perfect size: big enough to give you plenty choice, but no so big that you end up feeling overwhelmed. You can tell that the team have put a lot into transforming this space, not only in terms of the decor but also in terms of what's on the menu. They have spent ages perfecting the menu, sourcing great produce and even making their own unique ingredients - for both food and cocktails. I can't wait to go back again and try out some more of the menu, I have a feeling it won't be very long before we make a return visit!

Have you been to The Boozy Cow yet? You can find them at 17 Frederick Street, Edinburgh, and they also have a branch at 24 Netherkirkgate in Aberdeen.

Gillian x


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  2. Your photos are lovely! And the desert looks amaaaazing!
    Liquid Grain

  3. I spotted Boozy Cow the last time I was in Edinburgh, now I wish I'd gone in. We were heading to Indigo Yard for lunch and it looks like I could have easily persuaded my boyfriend with that burger and fries!
    Jenna Suth: Beauty, Fashion and All Things Girly ♥


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