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It's time for the second installment of my Copenhagen City Guide posts, and now it's the turn of Things to See & Do. Don't forget to check out my Copenhagen Food & Drink recommendations here, and there's also a Copenhagen vlog to watch over on my Youtube channel!

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Museums & Attractions
National Museum of Denmark. A lovely big, bright and airy museum which is free to get in, it's easy to spend a good few hours in here browsing the different exhibits. There's lots on Danish history, from the Vikings all the way up to the millennium, and there are plenty of exhibits about other cultures and countries from around the world too. There are quite a lot of fun interactive things to do in the National Museum, our favourite being the Japanese photobooth which was part of the Cosplayer! Manga Youth exhibition. Teehee.

Christiansborg Palace. As well as being the seat of the Danish Parliament, Christiansborg Palace is also a royal residence. There are several different parts of the palace to explore, but we concentrated on the Royal Reception Rooms. These rooms are used for official ceremonies and functions so are decked out with lots of beautiful antiques, impressive chandeliers and specially commissioned artwork from over the years. My favourite room was the library, wish I could have one of these in my house! Don't forget to visit The Tower too - it's the tallest tower in Copenhagen (don't worry, there's a lift to take you up!) and there are stunning views of the city.

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Parks & Gardens
Tivoli Gardens. One of the oldest amusement parks in the world, Tivoli is right on that fine line between "tacky" and "amazing". As well as tame attractions like merry-go-rounds and pedalos, there are plenty of big rollercoasters and spinny things (technical term) too, in addition to lots of gift shops, restaurants and food & drink stalls. It can be quite expensive (approx. £10 entry fee then an additional £5-7 per ride) so if you're planning to go on lots of rides definitely look into getting a season pass or multi-ride ticket. We did try out the Odin Express ride, but apart from that just spent our time wandering around and taking it all in. I'd definitely recommend visiting in the evening, hopping on a couple of rides, then grabbing a drink or some candyfloss to watch the sun set and the park light up. Tivoli is at it's most beautiful at night when all the illuminations are in full swing.

The Lakes & Ørstedsparken. We passed by the Lakes every day as we walked to and from our hotel, and they are a beautiful place for a stroll on a sunny day. Ørstedsparken is also a lovely little park nearby where you can enjoy a picnic or just go for a walk to escape city life for a while (although, as cities go, Copenhagen is very relaxed so you probably won't feel like you need to "escape"!).

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Copenhagen Boat Tours. Setting off from the picturesque Nyhavn port, a boat tour is the perfect way to explore the canals of Copenhagen and take in some of the sites that are a bit further from the city centre. We couldn't really be bothered to walk all the way out to see the Little Mermaid statue as we'd heard it was pretty small and not very exciting, so we caught a glimpse of her from the boat instead. We also saw the Opera House, the Black Diamond and the Sixtus Battery, among other things. The tour cost approx £8 and lasted around an hour. If you're interested in hearing what the guide has to say, definitely sit near the front of the boat as it can be quite hard to pick up what they're saying - but we were more interested in just enjoying the view and snapping some photos!

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Strøget. A pedestrianised street right in the centre of Copenhagen, this is where you'll find all the major "high street" shops. There are plenty of tacky tourist shops too, but its worth taking a walk along here to visit the likes of & Other Stories, Vero Moda, Monki and Cos, as well as some other Scandi-shops that aren't such familiar names in the UK.

Strædet & surrounding streets. When you're visiting Strøget, don't forget to wander down the side streets around here to find the less touristy and more independent shops on Strædet. There are lots of little gems hidden round here, including the likes of Mant which I wanted to pack up in its entirety and take home with me.

Værnedamsvej & surrounding streets. This little area in Fredericksberg is full of independent boutiques, cute cafés and little shops. Unfortunately I can't remember the names of any of the boutiques we went in, but they were exactly what I imagined Danish style would be like - minimal, modern and very, very lovely.

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Avenue Hotel. Located around a 15 minute walk from the city centre, Avenue Hotel is a cosy and welcoming boutique hotel in the Frederiksberg area. We were able to snap up a great deal when booking, so our room was a pretty reasonable price for a boutique hotel. There's lots of design-led furniture and fabrics from the likes of Missoni, and all the artwork in the hotel is by Danish Instagrammers. My favourite part of the hotel was the patio where we had breakfast in the sun one morning - comfy chairs, blankets and croissants, yes please! The breakfast in general was great too, lots of delicious bread, cheese, cold meat, fruit and cereal. The staff were very friendly and helpful too. Overall, I can't recommend this hotel enough!

What are your top Copenhagen tips?

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  1. Your pictures are amazing Gillian! I'm so happy you guys went to Orstedparken - that's the park we got engaged in :) xxx

  2. Gorgeous photos. Tivoli definitely fell on the side of amazing for me!

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