Sunday Summary #158


1.Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 2.The Blue Bicycle 3.Pitchers in York 4.Afternoon tea 5.Spring dressing 6.Ninja Buns at the Edinburgh Science Festival 7.Dinner at The Magnum 8.Newcastle by night 9.Meadows picnic #1 10.Mini Egg shake 11.First ever shellac 12.Arcade fun 13.Day at the beach 14.More Meadows picnics 15.Sunset

Well, well, well. It seems to have been almost a month since my last Sunday Summary, oops! Things have been very busy over the last few weeks, but in the best possible way. Let's start off with my jetsetting adventures (if you can call it that) to York and Newcastle. You can read all about my York trip here, and a Newcastle post will be coming very soon! Both trips mostly involved lots of eating, drinking, sleeping, relaxing and a wee bit of exploring. Next on the travel agenda is Copenhagen in two weeks, and I can't wait. If you've got any recommendations of places to eat/drink/play let me know as I need to get planning ASAP!

The last week or so has been full of glorious sunshine, so I've been making the most of it with a trip to Portobello beach with my best pal (with a quick stop at the arcade to play Pacman, of course) and numerous outings to the Meadows for picnics, barbecues and general lazing around. As much as we all like to complain about the weather in Scotland, on a beautiful sunny day there's nowhere better. I'm a little sad to be missing out on a wee holiday to Aviemore with the parentals, but I'll be in Copenhagen then instead so it's not all bad!

As usual, I've been doing plenty of eating and drinking since the last time we spoke. There's been dinner at The Magnum (post coming tomorrow), Fishers in Leith, Burger and The Blackbird. Much wine was consumed at the Edinburgh Science Festival Gastrofest launch night, as well as some delicious treats from Ninja Buns and other local producers (and some not so delicious mealworms). Tonight I'm off to a gintastic event at the Science Festival which sounds exciting!

In other news, I got my first ever shellac done by Eve at the lovely All About Eve salon. I mentioned in my latest guest post for Wow247 that I was trying to stop biting my nails, so couldn't say no when Eve offered to book me in for a shellac appointment. They're looking very lovely and shiny and red at the moment, I think I may be a shellac convert!

What have you been up to lately?

Gillian x

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