Top 5: Apps to Organise Your Life


1. Sunrise Calendar
Free · Android · Apple
I'm a die hard Filofax fan and have been avoiding using a digital calendar for years, but then along came Sunrise and I fell in love. The interface is clean, pretty, easy to use and fairly customisable. It syncs up with your existing calendar (in my case Google, or you can also link it to iCloud or Exchange) and you can add in your Facebook or Google+ account to easily add in events, birthdays and so on. As I am a huge fan of colour coding, I've added several different categories like blue for work, green for blog, pink for social, yellow for housekeeping and purple for general life. My favourite feature in Sunrise is the little icons it adds based on the words/places in your events - CUTE - but it's also really practical too as you can set reminders, add maps and link up with your friends/colleagues' calendars. There's a desktop version too so it's super easy to use it at home, work or on the go.

2. Wunderlist
Free · Android · Apple
If you love to-do lists as much as me, you need to download Wunderlist. Create lists to your heart's content and then tick things off as you go. As well as to-do lists, I like to use Wunderlist for keeping track of films I want to watch, things I need to organise, holiday packing lists, shopping lists, wishlists and lots of other things like that. You can also make collaborative lists which is great if you need to organise something (I've used it for everything from party planning to a flatmate shopping list). I tend to use it purely as a list making app, but you can also add reminders, due dates, subtasks and detailed notes which is really useful if you're busy and have lots of tasks to get through.

3. Hashnote
Free · Android
Hashnote is one of my most recent downloads, but it's fast becoming one of my favourites. The concept is really simple but super useful: scribble down notes, add hashtags to organise by category or @ mentions to organise by person. Hashnote is my first stop when quickly noting something down, then I can go through and add the important things to my to-do list, strike off anything I've done already or add events to my calendar. The hashtags start to come in really useful if you've got lots of notes as you can quickly sort things by category and see what needs to be done, or sort by person so when you send someone an email you don't forget to add something and have to email them back 2 minutes later! The only slightly annoying thing is the adverts, but you can upgrade for a small fee if this bothers you.

4. Evernote
Free · Android · Apple
This is probably one of the most well-known organisation apps out there, but Evernote is definitely worth downloading if you don't have it already. I use this for eeeeverything. Create notebooks to keep things neat (I've got ones like Blog, Work, Shopping, Travel and General Life) and then add notes to keep track of everything you need to keep track of. Whether that's ideas for blog posts I need to write, recipes to try, work tasks I need to complete, train ticket details or boring things like a note of the type of lightbulbs I need to buy, Evernote is great. I also love the desktop version of Evernote which is particularly useful if you want to do lots of copy & pasting or need easy access to web links. This is basically like a traditional notebook but better because you can edit it as you go, add tags to keep things organised and add separate notes or notebooks so you can easily find things.

5. Google Drive
Free · Android · Apple
Google Drive isn't the most exciting app, but it certainly is very handy. It's great for being able to read your documents through your phone or tablet, but the thing I use it for most is transferring photos from my phone to my laptop (like the ones for this post!) or vice versa. Just add photos to your Google Drive app on your phone and it will sync up to the Google Drive on your computer or browser so you can share them between devices. It's certainly much easier than searching around for cables or emailing yourself photos one by one!

What are your favourite apps to keep yourself organised?

Gillian x


  1. Must check all these out, need to be more organised :)

  2. I've been loving Evernote, Wunderlist & Google Drive for a while now but I'm going to download the other two this very second. They sound like exactly the kind of thing I need - thank you so much for sharing! xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  3. fantastic post!

  4. These sound lovely and I just love a wunderlist and I might need Sunrise in my life.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  5. I’m in love with your blog! Impressed by your beautiful photos and interesting posts! It’s great job! I’ll be happy to know your opinion about my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  6. Congrats Gillian, you profesh. Also love that my name is included regularly. Much love.

    Laura / The Likely Lady xx

  7. Thanks for these great tips, I've downloaded Wuderlist and cant wait to use it <3

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  8. I LOVE to do lists! Downloading these right now! x

  9. Love these picks, especially the Sunrise app! Off to download it now!

    Maria xxx

  10. Wunderlist is amazing! I absolutely love it, so great to be able to tick things off


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