Sunday Summary #154


1.New Year drinks 2.New cookbooks 3.Mantelpiece 4.Friday's face 5.Snow

Happy Sunday folks! I'm afraid I haven't got too much to report in this week's Sunday Summary as life has been fairly boring lately. Very nice, but definitely a bit boring. Not that I'm complaining - I do rather enjoy sleeping until lunchtime, playing The Sims and reading books snuggled up on the sofa!

Last weekend my best pal was visiting and after a late lunch at the new Yo Sushi on Princes Street, we decided we'd rather continue eating rather than have a proper night out so we booked a table at Cafe Andaluz for dinner. Of course there were some drinks involved and we headed for a few pints at Cloisters before bed time. Very civilised and grown up of us! Thankfully this meant we were hangover-free for a trip to Ikea the next day, and Laura and I bought aaalll the thinggssss for our flat. New bar cart, check! Lots of candles, check! Picture frames for our soon-to-be gallery wall, check! And of course we finished the shopping trip off with a huge plate of meatballs and chips at the Ikea cafe. YAS.

After that, I don't think I left the flat again until Thursday when I had to venture out for essential food supplies. God, isn't my life so exciting? The weather has been pretty horrible this week though, so I think I'm justified in choosing to hibernate as much as possible. Aside from a lovely little trip to Secret Arcade on Friday night, this weekend has been very quiet too and I'm planning to spend the rest of this evening lounging on the sofa.

Please tell me your lives are just as boring as mine?!

Gillian x


  1. Just as boring ;) but everyone is broke and boring in January right? xx

  2. Just checking out that book, think I might add it to my collection. My Sunday was dull and spent watching movies but I was up at 4 am doing limbo the night before at a party so it's the only weekend in ages when I've not been a complete bore xx

  3. Looking babin' Gillian! And I just had a laugh to myself because I had no idea there even was a new yo sushi on Princes street. I should probably leave my flat... er

    Louise x

  4. Just moved to Edinburgh and Cloisters was the first pub I headed to! Oh and I loved my recent trip to Ikea, although I am thinking I need another one because my new place is so bare!


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