Sunday Summary #153


1.Tiny earrings 2.Cocktails in Glasgow 3.Mulled cider at the Christmas market 4.Die Hard at the Cameo 5.Wrapping 6.Christmas party ready 7.Christmas dinner 8.Presents 9.Winter sky

So, I think it's Sunday, right? It's got to that point where days of the week have lost all meaning. I've been at home in Aberdeenshire since Christmas Eve, drinking as much wine and eating as much food as possible. I'm heading back down to Edinburgh tomorrow for Hogmanay, and then I'm sure normal blogging service will resume after that. Things have been a little quiet on here recently due to a combination of being busy and lazy, so I thought I'd do a bumper Sunday Summary post today to catch up on this month's happenings before the year ends.

There have been cocktails aplenty over the last few weeks, with a little festive masterclass courtesy of G&V Royal Mile Hotel, and a catch up with a few of the blogging ladies over French Martinis in Horton's. I can hardly believe it was around this time three years ago I went along to my first ever blogger meet up - it seems like a lifetime ago! It has been truly lovely to meet and become friends with lots of amazing ladies over the last few years, all thanks to blogging. If nothing else, they're great for ranting to about Twitter and Youtuble drama because literally no one else in my life cares about that.

Laura and I got ourselves into the festive spirit with a recent trip to the Edinburgh Christmas market, where we ate venison burgers, drank mulled cider and wandered round all the stalls. Despite the fact that Christmas markets up and down the country are filled with the exact same crap, it wouldn't quite feel like Christmas without a trip to the market, would it? Afterwards, we headed over to the Cameo cinema so I could introduce Laura to my favourite "Christmas" film, Die Hard. It was AWESOME. I really need to make more effort to go to the cinema on a regular basis, especially the Cameo - watching old films on the big screen is much more exciting than on your laptop, which is probably balanced on your pillow as you wait for Netflix to stop buffering, surrounded by empty sweetie wrappers... or is that just me?

Last weekend was Lianne's annual Christmas party so I dug out my red lipstick, a suitably sequinned Chritmas jumper and headed round with a bottle of wine. It was lovely to have one last catch up with Lynsey, Roisin, Iona and Kirsty before we all headed off home for Christmas. We filled up on mulled cider and Lianne's festive nibbles (those ham & cheese twists - aaamaazing!), and there may even have been a party game or two. The next day (surprisingly hangover-free), Laura and I had our "flat Christmas". We made a roast dinner, exchanged presents and then spent the evening napping on the sofa, wine glasses in hand.

Sine I've been home, there's not been much to report - I've spent my mornings sleeping, my afternoons reading books, and my evenings drinking wine and helping to make (read: eat) lots of food. Apart from a trip out for lunch yeterday, I haven't even left the house since I got here on Wednesday so I think my choice to pack 99% pyjamas was a good one.

Hope you've had an excellent Christmas and are looking forward to New Year.

Gillian x

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