Sunday Summary #151


1.Globes at Anthropologie 2.Rose Street's Christmas lights 3.Cambridge Satchel Company Pop-Up Shop 4.Dinner at Just Burgers and Beers 5.Sunset 6.Sushi at Harajuku Kitchen

This week started off with a wee bit of shopping at Anthropologie. I went in to get one of their Gold Monogram Mugs and spent pretty much my whole lunch hour wandering round sighing at how beautiful everything was. If only I had unlimited funds, those beautiful globes would definitely be mine! I also popped in to the new Cambridge Satchel Company Pop-Up Shop on George Street for a browse earlier this week. I was desperately in need of a new bag anyway, plus I had some birthday money to spend, so I treated myself to one of the Batchels in bright purple. Beaauuuutiffulllll I lovveeee ittttt.

On Wednesday evening I went along to a blogger event at Just Burgers and Beers to hear all about Dune Surfer beer. Dune Surfer is a desert beer which is designed to be refreshing, flavourful and light. At only 2% ABV and 60 calories per bottle, it's great for "urban nomads who are always up for what’s next" - it'll keep you refreshed whilst you're out on adventures or being active. Of course, if (like me) dune surfing is something that's probably never going to happen for you, I can confirm that it's a great beer to enjoy with some burgers too! It's infused with acai and goji berries so it has a really lovely unique taste, and the low alcohol percentage means you can have a few on a weeknight without worrying about the hangover the next day. I went for the spicy Anna Nicole Smith burger and Dune Surfer was the perfect refreshing accompaniment - both on its own and in the cocktail concoction we tried. Thanks to Just Burgers and Beers for having us, and I'd definitely recommend heading along for a bottle of Dune Surfer soon!

I had planned on doing absolutely nothing this weekend, but on Saturday afternoon I decided to drag myself out of my pyjamas and Laura and I had a wander round Rose & Ammi Flowers. I wanted to get some wee plants for my desk, and after much deliberation settled on a couple of cacti and succulents to add a bit of greenery to the room. Afterwards we stopped off at The Blackbird for some afternoon drinks (and chips, sshhhhh) and I spent most of the time having a breakdown as there were THREE dogs in there enjoying an afternoon pub sesh. They all made friends with each other and it was TOO CUTE. Once I'd recovered from that, we headed a couple of doors along the road for dinner at Harajuku Kitchen. We shared some sushi as a starter which was yum, but the real highlight were the main courses. I opted for the Beef Tataki which was the most beautiful seared tenderloin in a citrusy ponzu sauce. Delisssshhhh. Laura was equally impressed with her Teriyaki Chicken. After we'd finished off our wine, we headed into town to meet some of Laura's friends who were visiting for the weekend. We spent the evening at the Christmas Market sipping mulled cider, before heading for a couple of cocktails at Bar Soba to end the night. A pretty lovely Saturday considering I was planning to just lie on the sofa and watch X Factor!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


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