Sunday Summary #150


1.Chimichangas 2.Steak at Kyloe 3.Stripes 4.Tapas feast

As usual, this week has been all about the food. Should probably change the name of these posts to "What I've Eaten This Week", eh? It all started off with a little trip to Chimichanga, which opened a few months ago on Queensferry Street. I always have fairly low expectations for chain restaurants, but the food here was pretty lovely. We opted for one of the sharing starters which included lots of good things like pulled pork quesadillas and tex-mex spring rolls, and then I had a steak chimichanga. The food was good, but the service left a little to be desired - the only time our waiter paid any attention to us was when he told me they had run out of Coke so I asked for water instead and he looked at me with absolute horror and tried to persuade me to have Sprite instead. Erm?!

Friday's dinner was a rather more classy affair as my flatmate Laura and I headed to Kyloe to treat ourselves to some steak and wine. Well, if we don't treat ourselves then no one else is going to, so why not? We both had sirloin steaks which were delisssssh, and the beef dripping chips were amazing - sort of a cross between chips and roast potatoes, you definitely need to order these if you're ever visiting Kyloe! It was pouring rain outside so it seemed like a wise choice to stay a little longer and order dessert whilst we waited for the rain to stop (...yes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it) so I had a lovely salted caramel banoffee sundae. Feeling very full, we made our way home and spent the rest of the evening watching I'm A Celebrity. On that note, I've been well and truly sucked into I'm A Celeb this year, and I think Foggy is definitely the middle-aged man version of me.

Yet more eating and drinking was done on Saturday, as Lynne, Kirsty, Jade and a few more pals headed out to celebrate Laura's birthday. Our first stop was Cafe Andaluz on George Street for plate after plate of delicious tapas. Ahhhh, so good! Then it was time for cocktails at one of my faves, The Blackbird, where we spent the rest of the night until it was chucking out time.

Oh and also, in some exciting news, I've been nominated in EdinBlogger's 2014 Edinburgh Blog Awards! Yay! Thanks to whichever of you cheeky devils nominated me, and if you fancy voting for me in the Lifestyle category you can do so here.

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


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