Sunday Summary #148


1.Grassmarket 2.Sparklers 3.Homemade Breaking Bad prints 4.Birthday cocktails at The Blackbird 5.Dinner at Martin Wishart 6.Rugby

After a super busy weekend, I'm very glad I've got tomorrow off work to recover - who knew celebrating your birthday was so exhausting?! It was my birthday on Friday (24 now, WEEP) so my parents came down to visit and we went out for a lovely meal at Restaurant Martin Wishart. We all opted for the tasting menu and had course after course of delicious food (not to mention a seeming endless supply of canapes, amuse bouches and palette cleansers) which included scallops, truffle risotto, halibut ceviche, langoustines and duck. Yum yum yum. If you're looking for somewhere to treat yourself for a special occasion, I would definitely recommend heading down to The Shore and eating at Restaurant Martin Wishart as the food, wine and service are all exceptional.

After many, many glasses of wine the night before, we were all feeling a bit sleepy on Saturday, but I headed in to town to meet my parents at lunchtime for a quick look at the Pop Up Shop, followed by something to eat and drink at The Kenilworth. We then meandered up the road, with a pit stop at The Hanging Bat of course, and got ourselves ready to walk over to Murrayfield for the Scotland v Argentina game. Despite the rain, I really enjoyed the game - mostly because we won. Nothing better than a wee bit of Flower of Scotland and a good game of rugby! After that, we had some dinner at Passorn which was delicious as always, then I headed off to bed for an early night.

This morning I managed to persuade my parents to take me to Ikea as I needed some new shelves for my bedroom (and about a million other things). I always love a trip to Ikea, even if it does mean getting up early on a Sunday morning. It seemed a little bit early for my usual Ikea treat of meatballs and chips, so I fueled up on a breakfast raspberry muffin instead then battled the crowds to stock up on shelves, storage boxes, wine glasses, candles, picture frames and erm, a little frog finger puppet. Why not? This afternoon was then spent building all the flatpack stuff, tidying the flat and attempting to put all the things in their new homes. I'm now crashed out on the sofa and am very much looking forward to getting into my bed tonight with a good book and some hot chocolate.

What have you been up to this weekend?

Gillian x


  1. lots of lovely food and drink as always. I had lunch at my favourite deli and baked :) x


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