Sunday Summary #144


1.Sunday roast 2.Pizza Express 3.Cocktails at The Caves with Fentimans 4.Saturday night 5.Dinner & drinks at Amicus Apple 6.New earrings from the Pop-Up Shop 7.Moomin pyjamas

I didn't quite get time to write last week's Sunday Summary, so this week's post is a bumper edition. And by "get time" what I really mean is I was too hungover to move and spent all day lying in my bed whimpering and trying not to be sick. FUN. Last Saturday night I went out with some of my babein' blogging pals and we drank many cocktails (followed by less classy drinks like "Haggis Bombs", basically Jaegerbombs but with Irn Bru) which was the reason for my sorry state the next day. We started off the night at Amicus Apple for dinner and cocktails, followed by some cheap vodkas (seriously, £2.50 for a vodka in Edinburgh on a Saturday night is unheard of!) at the International Vodka & Beer Bar. The Glasgow ladies had to head off for their train home after that, but Laura, Lynne, Kirsty and I continued on along Rose Street until we came to an empty "old man pub" which I've forgotten the name of - but it had seats to rest our weary feet, quiet music so we could hear each other talk and relatively cheap drinks which kept us happy (errm, starting to think that maybe we are more at home in old man pubs than cool bars?). We finished off the night by going to Castle Clvb which none of us had been to before. And to be honest, it was pretty rubbish. Weird music which you couldn't dance/sing along to, bizarre mix of completely packed in one room and mostly empty in another, lack of dancefloor in the only bit that was playing songs I recognised... NAW. Staying loyal to my beloved Hive from now on!

The last couple of weeks have also been filled with lots more eating and drinking. Laura and I cooked up a storm a couple of weekends ago and made a deeelicious Sunday roast. If only they didn't take so long, I would totes make one of these every week. Roast potatoes and graaavyyyyy yum. I've had a Pizza Express voucher sitting in my purse for ages, so one evening after work Laura and I headed to the Morningside restaurant to treat ourselves to some pizza and wine. Because we're worth it. We also had some cocktails at The Caves last week courtesy of Fentimans. We were there to hear all about the new mini-size bottles of Fentimans which are the perfect size for cocktail mixers, so of course we had to sample some cocktails just to make sure! Keep your eyes peeled for a post in a day or two sharing one of my favourite Fentimans cocktails from the evening.

This weekend has mostly been a relaxing and organising weekend - lots of catching up on sleep, followed by washing dishes, doing laundry, planning our upcoming Halloween party and writing blog posts.

What have you been up to lately?

Gillian x


  1. I always prefer the old man pubs over clubs these days - so much more relaxed! I am loving your Moomin pyjamas. xx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels

  2. Oh my days, that roast dinner looks diviiiine! The earrings are gorgeous, so simple and so pretty.

    hannah bee | australian lifestyle blog xo

  3. Look at all that yummy food and drink, especially the roast dinner, it looks so good!

    Love Beth @ BethBlogsBeauty

  4. Sounds like a lovely week Gillian :) Those earrings are gorgeous :)
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  5. I want to move in with you and Laura, your lives sound so cute now they're all intertwined <3

  6. love ginger beer, looks like a great weekend!


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