Sunday Summary #143


1.New notebooks 2.Sunny Rose Street 3.Scarf weather 4.Q&A a day

Sunday again, already?! This week seems to have flown past, as usual. The next couple of weekends are full of catch-ups and events and other social engagements, so I decided I was going to do as little as possible this weekend. Despite planning to stay in bed all day yesterday, I had quite a productive day (for me, anyway) and did lots of laundry, sorted out my sock drawer (a surprisingly time consuming task), tidied my room a bit, washed my makeup brushes, and tackled the huge pile of dishes that needed washed. The dishwasher is broken again and I want to cry - washing dishes is my least favourite of all the boring and terrible household chores!

Earlier in the week I headed along to Hair By JFK's Bruntsfield salon for a "pre-party pamper night". I got my fringe trimmed at the Bang Bar and then got some lovely loose curls in my hair - all the while sipping my wine and tucking into sushi from the neighbouring Harajuku Kitchen. If only every trip to the hairdressers was like that! There was also nails and makeup on offer, and we heard all about JFK's student deals. Sadly I'm no longer a student (as much as I wish I was!) but if you are it's definitely worth signing up for JFK's student club card. Not only do you get a student discount, you can also collect "hair miles" which you can redeem against hair cuts and services.

The rest of this week has mostly just involved work - I'm getting so boring these days! This afternoon Laura and I are going to cook ourselves a magnificent Sunday roast, eat too much food and probably have a nap on the sofa in front of X Factor. Definitely old before our time.

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. Your hair looks ace! I have had lots of roast dinners over the past few weeks, nothing better!

    Maria xxx


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