Sunday Summary #140


1.Rasperry Ripple cocktails 2.Burger 3.Enchiladas & margaritas 4.Fireworks 5.Post Pop-Up Launch wine 6.Dinner at Frontier

Oh heeeeyyy, long time no speak! August was a pretty busy month, and it looks like September will be too. I feel like I've barely switched my laptop on at all during the last few weeks. But never fear, I'm back with a bumper Sunday Summary (as I didn't have time to do last week's one, oops!) to catch up on what's been going on.

One of the main reasons why I've been super busy is because of work. We've just opened the Pop-Up Boutique on Rose Street and the last two weeks has been a mad rush of building flatpack furniture, trying to get enough stock to fill the shop, designing shop and window displays, and sticking price stickers on eeeeverything (which takes a lot longer than you'd think!). We had our bloggers & press launch party on Thursday evening and then opened properly on Saturday so after lots of planning we now have an official real life shop. If you like supporting independent designers and shopping for quirky homeware, jewellery and fashion accessories, come visit us at 115-117 Rose Street, Edinburgh. We're open 7 days a week until October - and hopefully longer if it turns out to be a success!

Apart from work, most of my other spare time has been spent eating and drinking, as you can probably tell from my Instagram. My partner in (food) crime Laura has accompanied me for burgers at Burger, cocktails at Dragonfly and steak 'n' shakes (twice) at Frontier - all of which get the thumbs up. I also caught up with uni friends at Viva Mexico whilst my best pal was up visiting (followed by a trip to The Hive of course). Not content with all that, in the last couple of weeks I've also headed along to Bar Kohl, Illegal Jack's, The Cuckoo's Nest and The Red Squirrel. Phew!

I feel like I'm very out of the loop with blogging at the moment, so I think this afternoon will be spent attempting to catch up with emails and then reading through my Bloglovin feed. I suppose I better do some boring chores too like doing washing and changing my sheets - having an afternoon nap seems much more appealing however!

What have you been up to lately?

Gillian x


  1. I'm dying to get to the new Burger! Sorry I couldn't make it to the pop up event, hopefully i'll get chance to swing by another time. Yay to the fireworks picture too, I sat up on a friends roof top watching them in the distance which was super lovely x

    The Little Things

  2. Congratulations on your shop! That is so exciting! I'll definitely have to pop by and have a nosy xo

  3. I hope the pop up is a huge success, bets of luck xx

  4. What a busy time! Although setting up shop sounds really exciting and I hope it's still going well :)

  5. Hope the pop up shop goes well!

    Maria xxx


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