Sunday Summary #137


1.Festival fairy lights 2.Lights Out 3.Saturday's outfit 4.Lovsushi Bento box 5.Popcorn from this month's Degustabox 6.Fringe tickets 7.Sweetshop cocktails

This has been a pretty busy week full of festival shenanigans so I'm glad to be lounging in my bed just now, snoozing the morning away. It all started last Sunday when Laura and I headed along to our first show of the Fringe, Dan Clark: Me, My Selfie and I. After several ciders and a jug of wine, we decided to have a look for another show to go to before heading home, and came across Rob Deering's Beat This which was sort of like a live version of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Thoroughly enjoyed both shows and would recommend! You can catch up with last week's adventures in my latest vlog.

The rest of the week mostly just involved work and Netflix, but come Friday it was time for more Fringe fun. Lianne was involved in producing Sanitise so a wee group of us blogger pals headed along to watch the show. It was very different to the sort thing I'd normally go to see, but it was great - well done to Lianne and the team for all their hard work! Before heading to the show, we sheltered from the rain in Revolution and had some dinner and cocktails. Those Sweetshop ones, though! Yes please.

The plan for Saturday was a trip to Foodies Festival, and it was a gloriously sunny day for it (I am now sunburnt, WHY ME). After getting a bit lost on the way (100% blaming Google Maps for this, not our own ineptitude), Laura and I finally made it to Inverleith Park to meet up with Lynne, Kirsty and Adam, and Jade and Joy. Some food was much needed by this point so we all headed off to find our first purchase of the day - I went for a sausage roll from Puddledub to revive me. Then it was time for pink lemonade cocktails from The Fresh Lemonade Co, bento boxes from Lovsushi, brownies from The Brownie Bar, mojitos from Riot Bar, and as many tasters and free samples as we could get our hands on. We had planned on doing some Fringe stuff in the evening but we were tired out from all the sunshine and eating, so by the time we got home we decided several episodes of American Horror Story and a nap was a much better option.

What have you been up to today?

Gillian x


  1. sounds like you were pretty busy! just discovered your blog looks fab

    This Gir Loves Chic



  2. Glad you've had a good week! I love seeing photos pop up from you and Laura regarding your blogging duties. It's raining in Birmingham today - quite bad if I say so. Hope it's not this bad where you are. x

  3. That sushi looks delicious :) Looks like you had a great week! Here's to more great weeks :)

  4. We went to foodies on Friday - the cider tent was aweeeeesome. Also sucked in by that brownie bar. Wow.

  5. A busy time, with lots of awesome sounding food! Can't say my week has been that fun filled, in between the work and the rain its not a recipe for success. Still, I did manage a trip to the fair :)


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