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A couple of weeks ago (actually, I think it was about a month - always so behind on my blog to-do list!) I headed along to the Filling Station in the Omni Centre for a little cocktail masterclass, hosted by expert mixologist Andy Pearson of Intoxicology and Paul Harper from Heart Radio. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a sharing platter of Filling Station BBQ favourites and a cocktail. I opted for a Pear & Vanilla Fizz, a prosecco, pear and vanilla vodka mix, which was lovely - although I was rather jealous of the huge daquiris and mojitos some of the other ladies opted for!

After finishing our food and drinks, we all headed over to the bar to watch Andy work his magic and learn more about the art of cocktail making. A few of the bloggers had a go at helping to make some of the Filling Station's classic drinks from their cocktail menu, like the Red Berry Cheesecake, Whisky Sour and Mojito. After the cocktails had been sampled (just to make sure they weren't poisonous, right?), we were then tasked with coming up with our own concoction. We all shouted out some ingredients and Andy (sensibly) chose a few that would work well together. And so, the "Edinburgh Handbag" was born! Now, I would be lying if I told you what was in it because I really can't remember... but I think it was a mixture of Absolut Peach, Cointreau, raspberries and probably some other stuff. Next time you're at the Filling Station ask for an Edinburgh Handbag as it was pretty tasty, whatever was in it! (P.S. not my fault if they stare at you blankly and tell you that it's not a real thing).

I quite often make my own cocktails at home, but usually stick to easy ones which require minimal ingredients and equipment. It was great to pick up some easy tips and techniques to try out myself - although, let's be honest, getting a mixologist to make them for you is always better! I finished off the evening with one of the Mango Daiquiris I'd been eyeing up earlier and it didn't disappoint. Perfect summer cocktail!

Then, a couple of weeks later, we were invited back to the re-opening of the Filling Station's Royal Mile branch. We were treated to a 3 course meal (although, I was so stuffed I only managed 2 and a half - opted for a milkshake instead of dessert!) and some drinks to celebrate the revamp and help raise some money for CHAS. We shared the same BBQ platter that we'd had last time, and then for my main course I opted for the Lux Burger which was topped with rocket, Emmental cheese, garlic mayo, bacon, red onion, sunblushed tomatoes and pickle. If I'm completely honest, the food was okay but nothing amazing; I've definitely had better burgers, although I did like the combination of flavours that went with it. There was a live band playing for the opening night which was a nice touch, but they were SO LOUD you couldn't even hear what the person next to you was saying. I know they won't be there all the time, but loud music in restaurants is one of my pet hates (yes, I am old) and it really spoilt the atmosphere of the evening. Maybe if it wasn't a super busy opening night, the Royal Mile restaurant would have a nicer atmosphere but in general I much preferred the more relaxed, brighter and more open feel of the Omni Centre branch.

Have you been to the Filling Station before?

Gillian x


  1. Wow I wish I was invited along too!

  2. I never been there, Gillian.. I wanna go there, I am living in Indonesia. So Filling Station will be entered to my bucketlist for being visited by me someday, probably heheh x)
    nice post, and the cocktail looks so delicious! x)

    Labina | Dear Labina Design.

  3. I could really do with a gin cocktail right now, huge refurb in work is killing me xx


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