A Trip to the Highlands


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If you follow me on Instagram, you'll probably have noticed my weekend scenery was a bit different than usual. I caught the train up to Aviemore on Friday afternoon to spend a few days with the family, celebrating my Granda's 80th birthday. I'll try to keep this post short and sweet, and let the photos (and vlog) do the talking!

My grandparents, brother and I were staying at The Old Minister's House B&B just outside Aviemore. The B&B itself was lovely, and I rather enjoyed having French toast and bacon for breakfast every morning, but the customer service from the owner was a bit lacking. Never mind, we spent most of the time outside anyway! Mum and Dad were staying down the road at Glenmore Campsite with the dogs which is perfectly located for walks through the woods and spending sunny afternoons by Loch Morlich. Despite a few rain showers here and there, we were really lucky with the weather (I, of course, managed to get sunburnt and midge-bitten - JOY) and even managed to squeeze in two barbecues over the weekend.

On the Friday evening we went for dinner at One Pot Borrowed, which is a sort of pop-up restaurant in what is usually (in the daytime) the Rothiemurchus Shop & Cafe. The food was excellent, I would definitely recommend it if you so happen to be looking for somewhere for a nice meal near Aviemore! We had another meal out on Sunday night and this time tried the Rowan Tree Country Hotel which was also really nice.

I always love a wee trip to Glenmore; it was one of our annual holiday spots when I was a child, and it has remained a firm favourite ever since. There's nothing quite like dipping your toes in Loch Morlich on a scorcher of a summer afternoon, then watching the sun set over the Cairngorms. Beaut.

Gillian x


  1. I live in the Highlands! (Fort William!) It's such a beautiful place, It looks and sounds like you had a good time apart from those darn midges! Thanks for sharing:). Your photos are so lovely! xo

    Natalie | Shabby Chic and Tea ♥

  2. These photos are breathaking! I absolutely love the composition of the BBQ shot! Also, say happy birthday to your Grandma!:-) lauryn x

  3. Wow the photos look amazing! I would love to visit one day :)

    Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡

  4. Oh, these are such gorgeous photos! I'm embarrassed to admit that, despite having lived in Scotland my whole life, I've never been to the "proper" Highlands - these make me want to rectify that sooner rather than later!

  5. Omg I am just in love with the Highlands and every time I go, I almost don't know how to handle all this beauty!

  6. In my second year of University I went round the Highlands with my degree class and had such a blast. We stayed on the Isle of Rum, went to Inverness and the Cairngorms at Aviemore. It was incredible and we had such good weather too! Despite being sunburnt it was such a memorable trip, the scenery was beyond stunning.

    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  7. Wow looks beautiful! The Highlands are magical.

  8. Looks so beautiful and has been added to (my ever growing) hitlist!! Places that you would regularly visit as a child are so special and never quite lose that magic.

    The Weekend Tourist

  9. amazing photos, Gillian! looking forward to seeing more on your blog soon. Nice to meet you at the photography workshop =) x

  10. Awesome photos, this place looks like a dream! Love the idea of a pop up restaurant!

  11. I love visiting Aviemore. My parents have moved up near Inverness so I've been able to spend quite a bit of time in Aviemore recently. We used to holiday there all the time and I'm glad it's seeing a bit of a boost in visitors, it was looking a bit unloved for a couple of years. I couldn't agree more about Loch Morlich too, I have such fond memories of kayaking below the Cairngorms.


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