Sunday Summary #125


1.Lush Buchanan Street opening party 2.Lush bath bombs 3.Tidy flat, for once 4.Roses 5.Rekorderlig in the beer garden 6.Dinner at The Blackbird 7.More Lush goodies 8.McBusted

Och, what a lovely wee sunny Sunday it is today. Having spent this week clearing out my wardrobe (2 bags for the bin, 1 bag for the charity shop and a huge pile for Ebay, oh maaannn) I was planning to go into town today and get some summery clothes for my (slightly) emptier wardrobe. But I don't think I can really be bothered any more, online order it is! Instead I'm going to spend the day lazing around with the windows wide open, listening to summery tunes and catching up with blogs and Pinterest. Perf.

On Friday evening I headed through to Glasgow for the launch night of the brand new Lush store. Located just across the street from the old shop, the new Buchanan Street Lush is bigger and better laid out than the old one meaning it's much easier to have a browse and discover new products. There's also a treatment room in the new store which can also be used for wee private parties and events. During the evening, we had a wander round the new store and found out about the Gorilla Perfumes, the Lush makeup range and lots more. Some people even had a go at making their own bath bombs! If you're in Glasgow doing some shopping, I'd definitely recommend stopping by the new Lush store as it's full to the brim with old favourites and new products alike.

After the Lush event, a few of us wandered along to Princes Square for dinner at NY American Grill. The food came highly recommended by Roisin, and she wasn't wrong! I had a Big Devil Burger which was nice and spicy and full of melted cheese and pickles, yummm. We had a pretty long wait for our food unfortunately, but the restaurant has only been open for about a week so I guess they're still working things out! Plus the staff were lovely and knocked quite a bit off our bill for the wait, so I'd definitely go back another time to sample some more of the menu (and cocktail menu!). The main reason we were getting antsy about the time was because we had important places to be... McBusted!! We arrived at the Hydro just in time for the set to start and spent the next couple of hours singing along at the top of our lungs to songs I didn't even know I remembered the lyrics to. Such fun! I really need to make the effort to go to gigs more often, used to be my number one hobby when I was at school but could probably count the gigs I've been to in the past 5 years on one hand.

The rest of this week has been fairly uneventful, save for an impromptu Wednesday evening trip to The Blackbird with Laura. I think it's about time I got round to doing a full post on The Blackbird as I seem to mention it every other week! We sat in the beer garden sipping cider before retreating back inside for some food. We decided to go for a big selection of sides to share between us, and they were goooood. Chips, mac and cheese, onion rings, mini burgers - what more could you want?

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. Looks/sounds like an amazing week! I love Lush stores...the closest one I have is Reading or Basingstoke, really wish they would open one up in Newbury!

    Sarah @ xx

  2. McBusted!! THAT is truly a trip down memory lane haha

  3. I'm full of food but still feeling hungry looking at those photos! I'm thinking about moving home to Scotland and your gorgeous photos always give me a bit more of a nudge :)


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