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May Mixtape · via Spotify

I never usually pay any attention to chart music (especially as I am OLD now and hardly ever go out-out) but I love love love this Sharkira song. In fact, I think I just love Shakira. I'm still slightly in shock from discovering she's nearly 40, whaaaat! Anyway, Can't Remember to Forget You has been one of my most-played songs this month, I can't get enough.

Whenever the sun shines (which it has for about 3 days this month) I always get the urge to blast Vampire Weekend as all their songs seem super summery. I like to imagine I'm on a roadtrip adventure through New England - perfect roadtrip music, no? Sadly I am always in Scotland, usually doing something terribly boring like washing the dishes.

I watched Walk the Line earlier in the month and, not only is it one of my favourite films, but it has one of my favourite soundtracks too. I think my favourite song from the soundtrack is Wildwood Flower by Reese Witherspoon (I actually prefer it to the original June Carter version shhhh).

The Raconteurs · Steady as She Goes
Vampire Weekend · Unbelievers
Woods · Moving to the Left
Shakira · Can't Remember to Forget You
Reese Witherspoon · Wildwood Flower
Lana Del Rey · West Coast
Madonna · Frozen
Chuck Ragan · Don't Say a Word
Belle & Sebastian · The Blues are Still Blue
Dry the River · No Rest
Listen to "May" here.

What have you been listening to this month?

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  1. I don't actually know any of these songs so I'm excited to give them a listen! At the moment I've been listening to Jack and the Weatherman, who I only recently discovered. I'd recommend the song 'Free' by them if you're interested! :)

    - Dani (http://classicdani.com)


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