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If you've read my blog for more than, oh I don't know, 4 minutes, you'll know I love a good drink. So when I was invited along to 56 North a couple of weeks ago to try out a brand new premium mixer, I was very intrigued. Gloworm encourages you to "rethink your drink" and try out a new mixer which perfectly matches your favourite spirit. As a die hard vodka & lemonade girl (well, that's a huge lie, I'll drink anything), I was curious to find out whether Gloworm would be good enough to encourage me to order something different next time I'm at a bar.

To cut a long story short: yes, they definitely are good enough! I must admit, I didn't have hugely high expectations before trying Gloworm because a mixer is a mixer - surely there is only so much you can do with it? But Gloworm have somehow created the perfect drink that's not too sweet or too tart, not too strongly flavoured or too boring. Gloworm comes in four flavours, each of which is specifically designed to work well with a particular spirit. Raspberry & Orris is the perfect accompaniment to vodka; Pear, Spice and Lime goes well with rum; Cucumber and Apple is the ideal partner for gin; and Ginger & Lemongrass mixes brilliantly with bourbon. I had a sample of each of the flavours and can confirm that they do indeed match very well with their chosen spirits! The mixers feel grown up and refined, but are very, very drinkable and only slightly more expensive than standard mixers so would suit all tastes and budgets.

But, as Gloworm say, part of the whole idea behind "rethink your drink" is to get you to experiment with different spirits, mixers and combinations that you wouldn't normally try. Even though each of the Gloworm mixers is designed for a specific spirit, they all work equally well with other spirits and also in cocktails to blend together even more flavours. The bartenders at 56 North kindly knocked up a few different cocktails for us to try using the Gloworm mixers; one of my favourites was a very summery cucumber, apple, lime and gin concoction, despite not usually being a fan of gin. It just goes to show, it's worth rethinking your drink - normally I wouldn't go anywhere near gin (probably because I associate it with tonic water which I HATE), but this ended up being one of my favourite drinks of the night. I think a premium mixer like this is a great idea as it compliments rather than overpowers the flavour of the spirit - just like you wouldn't cook a fillet steak and smother it in ketchup, why should you have a good quality gin or vodka and then drown it in boring draught lemonade?

Overall, I was very impressed with Gloworm and I'll definitely be ordering it next time I spot it whilst I'm out. Gloworm is available exclusively in bars, so you won't be able to buy it from the supermarket - but this will make it even more of a treat when you do go out! The mixers are sugar-free and taurine-free and, despite having a little bit of added stimulation (ooh err), they have considerably less caffeine than other energy drinks so they won't keep you awake all night. Plus they taste great, which is the most important thing!

Have you tried Gloworm Drinks yet?

Gillian x


  1. I'm so glad these are taurine free, I seem to have a bit of an intolerance when it comes to drinks with taurine which is really frustrating sometimes! I really like the sound of the raspberry & orris one, my tipple of choice tends to be raspberry vodka (if I have any about!) so it sounds like it would work perfectly x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. Cucumber, Apple and Gin sounds pretty heavenly! Will keep an eye out for these next time I'm at a bar ;)

  3. Raspberry + vodka is always a winner!


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