Sunday Summary #121


1.Colour coordination 2.Drinks at The Devil's Advocate 3.Old Town close 4.Dinner at Clerk's 5.Chocolate cocktails 6.Summer 7.Froyo from Frisky

My best pal has been up visiting this week so the last few days have been filled with eating and drinking and other good stuff like that. Sadly I seem to have a bit of a horrid cold and sore throat just now which has ruined things slightly, but I'm surviving. On Wednesday evening we went out for dinner to Pancho Villas on the Royal Mile, and after some enchiladas and margaritas we decided more cocktails were definitely the only choice. The next stop was The Devil's Advocate which I had been in briefly before, but this time we had the chance for a proper sit down and peruse through the cocktail menu. If you're looking for pink, fruity cocktails with little umbrellas then this probably isn't the place to go; the drinks have strong flavours, interesting ingredients and there is a lot of whisky on the menu. We didn't sample any food this time, but the menu looks preeeetty nice so no doubt I'll be back again. After a couple of drinks at The Devil's Advocate we walked over to Panda & Sons which I had been wanting to try for ages. It's disguised as a barbershop, and it's only after you go into the shop, down a flight of stairs and behind a bookcase that you discover the secret speakeasy hidden below. I loovvvved it. All very '20s and glamorous but laid back at the same time. Again, the cocktails were pretty interesting and not your average cosmos and mojitos type offering; after browsing the huge menu for a while, I finally settled on a strawberry, paprika, basil and tequila concoction.

I was working on Thursday and Friday morning so nothing too exciting to report there, but as it was gloriously sunny on Friday afternoon we went for a wee stroll across the Meadows and ended up at Clerk's Bar in time for some dinner. I had been here a couple of weeks before with some of the blogging ladies and really enjoyed it, and my pal was sold when I mentioned they had ribs on the menu ("it will be like House of Cards"). I opted for a beef burger topped with pulled pork, and we ordered way too many sides to go along with it. After stuffing our faces, we wandered home and recovered for an hour or so before heading out to the cinema to see Transcendence. This wasn't particularly either of our first choices, but there wasn't much else on so we went for it anyway. It was okay, but I probably wouldn't recommend it.

Yesterday was a pretty lazy day again, mostly spent lounging in my bed and enjoying the sunshine through my open window. I did manage to get myself up and dressed in time for some after-dinner froyo from Frisky. Gaaahhhdddd I love froyo, especially in the summer time (yes, I am counting this as summer. This may be the only sunshine we get).

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. Your hair is to die for! I love it in the colour coordination picture :)

    Kate xo //

  2. Gotta enjoy the sunshine whilst we can!


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