Sunday Summary #119


1.Hunners of Teacakes 2.Daffodils 3.Yo Sushi 4.Edinburgh Science Festival Photobooth

Huuuulllo! How's your week been? Mine has been pretty sweet and ended on a good note (if we discount today's sore head...) with Kirsty's birthday celebrations. Last night we headed along to The Lioness of Leith for birthday cocktails, followed by lots more drinking and dancing in town at The Citrus Club. I'd never been to either place before but had a pretty good night, will no doubt be heading back at some point! Iona and I were the last ones standing and made our way home only when the lights came on at 3am.

Earlier in the week, Iona, Laura and I met up at Yo Sushi (yet another place I'd never been before!) for some dinner. Oh maaannn, what I would do for that duck & hoisin salad right now! I think I ended up getting a bit carried away and had rather a lot of empty plates at the end, but it was all so good. After dinner, and a quick swatch round Harvey Nicks on the way out, we headed over to the City Art Centre for the Edinburgh Science Festival launch party. Clutching a bottle of wine (of course) we had a wander round and took part in some of the wee experiments and activities. I particularly enjoyed blowing bubbles with giant wands, so easily amused. The Science Festival is on until the 20th so definitely worth having a look at what's on - I love the sound of all the Gastrofest events, molecular cocktail making anyone?

Apart from that, this week has mostly consisted of eating Tunnock's Teacakes thanks to the lastest little project I've been doing for work. Fancy winning some Gillian Kyle Tunnock's Teacakes homewares? Of course you do! Pop over and read the blog post to find all the details - basically tweet @madescotland and tell us #howdoyoumunchyours, simple!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. I have to say this sounds like a pretty awesome week, I loved your photos from the Edinburgh Science Festival!

    Maria xxx

  2. Such pretty photos! I've done nothing this weekend but next weekend I'm off to Paris wahoo!


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