Tutorial: Margot Robbie's Oscars Makeup


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Despite being a bit of a film fanatic, I'm never really that fussed about the Oscars themselves, but any excuse to fawn over pretty dresses and makeup is good enough for me. One of the stand-out looks for me was Margot Robbie's vintage gothy glam ensemble, and I straight away started digging through my makeup collection for things I could use to recreate her look. If you haven't already, you can see some pictures of her outfit and makeup over on Just Jared. This has everything I could possibly want from a red carpet look: black sparkly dress, check; hair in vintage waves, check; simple matte eye with extra mascara, check; bold, defined brows, check; unusual statement lip, check. I LUV U MARGOT (must remember to stop calling her Donna). She looks amazing as a brunette bombshell, even though it's a complete departure from her usual blonde beach babe style.

I've put together a little tutorial of how to recreate this look over on my Youtube channel. The eyes are ssssuuuper simple with just two matte shades blended together and a tiny smidge of eyeliner to give lashes a bit of a boost (all from the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette). The eyes would be a great everyday sort of look for work/uni etc. as they're quick to do and help to define your eyes without looking too done up. But the addition of the lipstick definitely takes this from everyday to Oscars worthy. I used MAC Rebel blended together with some black kohl eyeliner (yes, really!). Rebel was the closest lip colour that I had in my stash, but it's just a weeeee bit more pinky-purple than Margot's lip colour which is more of a burgundy/red wine shade. But oh well, it's close enough for now! Perhaps an excuse to buy myself a new lipstick to fill the burgundy shaped hole in my life?

Which was your favourite makeup look from the Oscars this year?

Gillian x


  1. You look gorgeous Gillian!!

  2. Oh my goodness Gillian you've done such a good job! I thought her Oscars make up was pretty daring, nice of her to go against the grain, especially when she looks so different to how she looked in WOWS! Beautiful make up, lovely on you! T xx

  3. Love this tutorial Gillian, the lips are FAB!!! x

  4. Love that lipstick shade!

    Rosie x

  5. Ahh you're just a whole load of stunning! Loved this! And maybe for the burgundy shaped hole in your life try Wet n Wild's Cherry Bomb or even MAC's Diva lipstick!

  6. You look so gorgeous! The 'old Hollywood' look really suits you :) xx

  7. You look Stunning!!!! fab post, this look suits you so well xxx


  8. You look gorgeous here and that lipstick is lush on you!

    Maria xxx

  9. Nice tutorial ! Thank you !


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