Sunday Summary #118


1.Liquid nitrogen sorbet at the Edinburgh Science Festival event 2.EdSciFest-appropriate brooch 3.Pulled pork hotdog at Clerk's 4.Appletini 5.Scallops with parmesan gnocchi at Restaurant Martin Wishart

This turned out to be a pretty busy week, I'm glad I've been able to lounge around in bed all day today as I'm feeling exhausted from all the eating and drinking - it's a tough life, honest. It all began on Wednesday when I headed along to Clerk's Bar for some pre-event food with some of my blogger pals. I ordered a pulled pork hot dog which was pretty awweeeesome. Clerk's opened pretty recently (having previously been a Chinese takeaway!) and I couldn't wait to try out their menu which is full of great things like pulled pork, burgers, ribs, spicy wings and nachos. I really loved the decor as well as the food, so I'm sure I'll be heading back again soon! After we'd finished eating, we walked just round the corner to Summerhall for the Edinburgh Science Festival event. We started off with a wee tour round Barney's Beer, the onsite microbrewery which produces the special Culture beer as the "official drink" of the Science Festival. We then did an experiment with strawberries, pineapple juice and Bacardi - the combination of alcohol, temperature and squishing up the strawberries in the pineapple juice created "DNAquiris" and you could see the little bits of DNA floating on the top of the liquid. We also watched as sorbet was made using liquid nitrogen, cooooool. And the prosecco and strawberry sorbet was pretty tasty too! The Science Festival is on from the 5th to the 20th of April and you can find out what's on here.

I had another event to go to on Thursday night, this time at The Edinburgh Dungeons. I had never been before so I was a little bit scared about what to expect, but it turned out to be not too terrifying in the end (although the boat ride bit wasn't entirely pleasant). A wee bit jumpy but not nightmare-inducing, perfect amount of scary! We were all taken on a slightly shortened version of the regular tour so we could get a taste of what the Dungeons had to offer, including the brand new Street of Sorrows. I really enjoyed the Dungeons but was more than happy to escape for post-tour cocktails and canapes at The Devil's Advocate. The Devil's Advocate had create a special Dungeons-themed cocktail menu for the night and we tucked into a couple of drinks whilst the canapes were brought round. Let me tell you, mini mac & cheese and haggis & black pudding bonbons are definitely my kinda canapes. YUM. I'd been meaning to visit The Devil's Advocate for ages after hearing lots of good things about it since it opened a few months ago, and I'll definitely be heading back to try out the proper menu soon.

This weekend my parents were down visiting, so I was forced to do yet more wining and dining! We visited old favourite Passorn for amazing Thai food, including the best crispy duck salad eeeever. We also tried out Restaurant Martin Wishart and oh my, it was good. So fancy, so tasty. We all went for the seafood tasting menu and had six amazing taster courses accompanied by matching wine. I can't really remember everything I ate as there was so much of it, but it was all amazing! There were langoustine, scallops, Dover sole, shrimps and a ceviche of halibut which was served with mango and passion fruit, and OMG SO GOOD. There was also a cheese board and a pudding thrown in there somewhere! It was much fancier than my average dinner out, but so worth it as a special treat - I'm using Mother's Day as the excuse, even though I definitely did not pay for ANY of it!

Don't worry, I'm back down to earth with a bump today as I had some Heinz baked beans for lunch and am about to order a takeaway with as many chips as I can possibly eat. This evening will definitely be spent curled up in bed snoozing away in front of Grimm (my new TV obsession, it's great!) as it's back to work tomorrow.

Gillian x


  1. The science festival looks so good! I bloomin' well want that brooch too, although with my Heisenberg tote I might look a bit too obsessed.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  2. mmmmmm all that food is making my mouth water, my grapes for my break don't seem as appealing now xx

  3. I actually thought the first picture was of people making candy floss!


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