Sunday Summary #117


1.Early morning sunshine 2.Puppy Throwback Thursday 3.Sad rainy day bus selfie 4.Rainbow 5.Cosy corner 6.Gig tickets 7.Fall Out Boy 8.The Hydro

I'm writing this Sunday Summary from the train home from Glasgow, the wonders of technology! I was all set to have a quiet weekend at home, Nextflixing away to my heart's content, but Morag's pal gave her two free tickets to see Fall Out Boy at the Hydro so I was more than happy to take the spare one off her hands! I used to love Fall Out Boy back in the day and I must admit I do still listen to them regularly (although, only ever From Under the Cork Tree, I had no clue what most of their more recent songs were!). We had seated tickets and it was slightly weird not to be all sweaty and with sore feet in the crowd, but I quite enjoyed being able to sit down - definitely showing my age! Anyway, I really enjoyed the gig and they played quite a lot of old songs which kept me happy. They even did a wee acoustic version of a few songs, including one of my faaaaves Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year. After the gig we drank lots of wine and headed out for some dancing at the Cathouse, finished off with some chips for the way home. Perfs.

Apart from that, this week has been fairly quiet as I've just been busy working away at I'm really loving the new job so far, getting out of bed before 7am is definitely made easier by knowing you're actually going to be doing something you enjoy all day! At the moment we're working away behind the scenes on a couple of new projects and I can't wait to reveal all soon. Give us a wee follow on Facebook and Twitter if you fancy keeping updated!

I'm feeling pretty sleepy now (nothing to do with the wine at all, shhhh) so I think it'll be an early night for me, with a film and no doubt a takeaway too. Naughty.

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. The mere mention of Fall Out Boy takes me back to the age of 16 -- I can't quite believe they're still around!

    Your new job sounds really interesting. Hope it continues on such good form :)

  2. I saw Fall Out Boy on Thursday at Wembley! How awesome were they!! Loved them! x

  3. Where did you get that beautiful tartan scarf from? I've been looking for a pretty one for a while now. xoxo

    1. It's just a wee Primark number from a few months ago! x

  4. having a job you enjoy makes such a difference!


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