Sunday Summary #115


1.Oscars inspired makeup 2.Drinks at The Blackbird 3.Dinner at Burger 4.Watching Private Lives at the Lyceum

Aw, what a lovely little weekend I've had! The week itself has been fairly boring, but I had a pretty busy weekend full of impromptu fun with pals. On Friday evening, Laura suggested a trip to the pub, so I left my evening of Netflix behind in favour of some drinks at The Blackbird. Lots of drinks and cocktails were had (including a Sherbet Martini, complete with a Dip Dab lollipop!) as we commandeered the bar stools and chatted the night away. Lianne joined us for a couple of drinks later on after she had finished work, and before we knew it it was closing time so we skipped off all merry in the direction of a chip shop. I had such a good night just sitting gossiping in our favourite "local", why is is that unplanned nights are always the best ones?!

Thankfully I woke up feeling bright and breezy on Saturday morning (okay, I lie, it was definitely Saturday afternoon) and had a bit of a lazy day until it was time to head along to Burger for dinner with Laura, Lianne and Roisin. Burger has only been open for a couple of weeks but I kept hearing great things about it on Twitter, so we couldn't resist giving it a try! One thing I think Edinburgh is really lacking in is diner-style restaurants with relatively cheap but good burgers, hot dogs and that sorta thing, so Burger is definitely a welcome addition. I took some proper photos on my camera whilst I was there, so expect a full review soon! It was preeeeetty tasty, and I followed up my bacon cheeseburger and fries with a mango sorbet milkshake - delisssssh. After dinner, we headed along to The Lyceum Theatre to see Private Lives. Lianne had kindly organised some last minute tickets for us (thanks pal!) so we settled in for an evening of entertainment. I hardly ever go to the theatre but it was so nice to do something a little bit different, I definitely need to make the effort to go more often!

And that brings us to Sunday, so far today I've done absolutely nothing. It has been grrreat! The flat is in dire need of a good tidy though, so I guess that will have to be this afternoon's job. Or perhaps I shall just stay in bed and catch up on the weekend's TV instead, who knows.

What did you get up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. Such a fun weekend! Impromptu nights are always the best. I want to go back to Blackbird again as loved that mojito and try the special burgers in Burger. Glad you guys enjoyed the show too, it made me laugh so much! xx

  2. I love that unplanned nights out are always the best why is that? I think its cause we get all hyped up for the night that's been planned for ages for it to only be a let down. It looks like you had such a fun weekend, I have spent most of mine in my pjs recovering from the flu (yuk) but I have caught up on blogs and finally started our boxset of Game of Thrones. xxx


  3. it looks like you had an awesome week! The oscars inspired makeup is flawless! I'm also quite jealous of the burger and fries :)

  4. sounds like a great day! ^^

    weirdoland -

  5. Love your oscar stylee makeup AND your hair, gorge look : )

  6. Sundays are the day for rest if you ask me - there's nothing better! You also look incredibly gorgeous in the first photo Gillian! xx

  7. You are absolutely gorgeous! What lovely hair.

    - Keyta

  8. Where about's is Burger? Sounds like I'm going to have to make a trip! Though I do love Wannaburger for something good quick and cheap mm! PS. loving the Oscars inspired make up!

    The Little Things x


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