Sunday Summary #118


1.Liquid nitrogen sorbet at the Edinburgh Science Festival event 2.EdSciFest-appropriate brooch 3.Pulled pork hotdog at Clerk's 4.Appletini 5.Scallops with parmesan gnocchi at Restaurant Martin Wishart

This turned out to be a pretty busy week, I'm glad I've been able to lounge around in bed all day today as I'm feeling exhausted from all the eating and drinking - it's a tough life, honest. It all began on Wednesday when I headed along to Clerk's Bar for some pre-event food with some of my blogger pals. I ordered a pulled pork hot dog which was pretty awweeeesome. Clerk's opened pretty recently (having previously been a Chinese takeaway!) and I couldn't wait to try out their menu which is full of great things like pulled pork, burgers, ribs, spicy wings and nachos. I really loved the decor as well as the food, so I'm sure I'll be heading back again soon! After we'd finished eating, we walked just round the corner to Summerhall for the Edinburgh Science Festival event. We started off with a wee tour round Barney's Beer, the onsite microbrewery which produces the special Culture beer as the "official drink" of the Science Festival. We then did an experiment with strawberries, pineapple juice and Bacardi - the combination of alcohol, temperature and squishing up the strawberries in the pineapple juice created "DNAquiris" and you could see the little bits of DNA floating on the top of the liquid. We also watched as sorbet was made using liquid nitrogen, cooooool. And the prosecco and strawberry sorbet was pretty tasty too! The Science Festival is on from the 5th to the 20th of April and you can find out what's on here.

I had another event to go to on Thursday night, this time at The Edinburgh Dungeons. I had never been before so I was a little bit scared about what to expect, but it turned out to be not too terrifying in the end (although the boat ride bit wasn't entirely pleasant). A wee bit jumpy but not nightmare-inducing, perfect amount of scary! We were all taken on a slightly shortened version of the regular tour so we could get a taste of what the Dungeons had to offer, including the brand new Street of Sorrows. I really enjoyed the Dungeons but was more than happy to escape for post-tour cocktails and canapes at The Devil's Advocate. The Devil's Advocate had create a special Dungeons-themed cocktail menu for the night and we tucked into a couple of drinks whilst the canapes were brought round. Let me tell you, mini mac & cheese and haggis & black pudding bonbons are definitely my kinda canapes. YUM. I'd been meaning to visit The Devil's Advocate for ages after hearing lots of good things about it since it opened a few months ago, and I'll definitely be heading back to try out the proper menu soon.

This weekend my parents were down visiting, so I was forced to do yet more wining and dining! We visited old favourite Passorn for amazing Thai food, including the best crispy duck salad eeeever. We also tried out Restaurant Martin Wishart and oh my, it was good. So fancy, so tasty. We all went for the seafood tasting menu and had six amazing taster courses accompanied by matching wine. I can't really remember everything I ate as there was so much of it, but it was all amazing! There were langoustine, scallops, Dover sole, shrimps and a ceviche of halibut which was served with mango and passion fruit, and OMG SO GOOD. There was also a cheese board and a pudding thrown in there somewhere! It was much fancier than my average dinner out, but so worth it as a special treat - I'm using Mother's Day as the excuse, even though I definitely did not pay for ANY of it!

Don't worry, I'm back down to earth with a bump today as I had some Heinz baked beans for lunch and am about to order a takeaway with as many chips as I can possibly eat. This evening will definitely be spent curled up in bed snoozing away in front of Grimm (my new TV obsession, it's great!) as it's back to work tomorrow.

Gillian x

Mixtape: March


March Mixtape · via Spotify

Well, this is all a bit teenage angsty, isn't it. Bright Eyes, Regina Spektor, Fall Out Boy, Ryan Adams... hello old friends. Last weekend I unexpectedly found myself with a ticket to a Fall Out Boy gig in Glasgow and ever since I have been singing Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy to myself on a twice hourly basis (not. even. joking.) every day. Too good.

I often think my taste in music hasn't progressed at all since about 2006, but there are actually a few new (to me) songs on this month's mixtape. Nowadays I'd say my most-listened to genre is folksy singer-songwriter, but I don't think I'll ever abandon the pop punk and angsty indie of my teenage years.

Heavens · Watching You
Fall Out Boy · A Little Less Sixteen Candles A Little More Touch Me
Iggy Azalea · Work
Matt Pryor · The Object I Adore
Bright Eyes · Lua
Street & Stone · Be Not So Fearful
Regina Spektor · How
Ryan Adams · When The Stars Go Blue
Great Lake Swimmers · Think That You Might Be Wrong
Miss Li · Can't Get You Off My Mind
Listen to "March" here.
What have you been listening to this month?

Gillian x

Sunday Summary #117


1.Early morning sunshine 2.Puppy Throwback Thursday 3.Sad rainy day bus selfie 4.Rainbow 5.Cosy corner 6.Gig tickets 7.Fall Out Boy 8.The Hydro

I'm writing this Sunday Summary from the train home from Glasgow, the wonders of technology! I was all set to have a quiet weekend at home, Nextflixing away to my heart's content, but Morag's pal gave her two free tickets to see Fall Out Boy at the Hydro so I was more than happy to take the spare one off her hands! I used to love Fall Out Boy back in the day and I must admit I do still listen to them regularly (although, only ever From Under the Cork Tree, I had no clue what most of their more recent songs were!). We had seated tickets and it was slightly weird not to be all sweaty and with sore feet in the crowd, but I quite enjoyed being able to sit down - definitely showing my age! Anyway, I really enjoyed the gig and they played quite a lot of old songs which kept me happy. They even did a wee acoustic version of a few songs, including one of my faaaaves Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year. After the gig we drank lots of wine and headed out for some dancing at the Cathouse, finished off with some chips for the way home. Perfs.

Apart from that, this week has been fairly quiet as I've just been busy working away at I'm really loving the new job so far, getting out of bed before 7am is definitely made easier by knowing you're actually going to be doing something you enjoy all day! At the moment we're working away behind the scenes on a couple of new projects and I can't wait to reveal all soon. Give us a wee follow on Facebook and Twitter if you fancy keeping updated!

I'm feeling pretty sleepy now (nothing to do with the wine at all, shhhh) so I think it'll be an early night for me, with a film and no doubt a takeaway too. Naughty.

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x

Watching Lately #7


1. Jeff, Who Lives at Home
I seem to have been watching a lot of films lately that turn out to be nothing like I expected, and Jeff, Who Lives at Home was definitely one of them. Considering it stars Jason Segel (my faaaaave) and Ed Helms, I thought it would be pretty safe to assume that it was a comedy. But no! It was more of an "offbeat indie drama" with clever character-writing and wee bits of dark humour running through it; it reminded me of the likes of Garden State or Me and You and Everyone We Know. Jeff (Segel) is a 30 year old slacker who still lives at home (not that you would have guessed from the title) and he's constantly waiting for a "sign" from the universe to lead him in the right direction. One particular day, these signs lead him on a Kevin-related journey, and Jeff runs into brother Pat (Helms) and mum Sharon (Susan Sarandon) along the way. All three main characters are unhappy and unfulfilled but in completely different ways, and none of them really seem to know what they're doing with their lives but a strange twist of fate brings them together in the end. I loved how the film explored the idea of fate versus circumstance; you start off thinking that Jeff is a total nutter but towards the end you really start to believe that maybe his signs aren't so crazy after all. This was a totally unexpected film for me, but I really really loved it.

2. 30 Minutes or Less
I just stumbled across 30 Minutes or Less on Netflix the other night when I was looking for something to watch before I went to sleep. I hadn't heard of it before, but this film seemed to fit my brief of "easy to watch, fairly funny, and entertaining even though I'm tired". Pizza delivery guy Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) gets caught up in the schemes of two wannabe criminals/businessmen (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson) when he is kidnapped and hooked up to a bomb. He has one day to come up with $100,000 otherwise the bomb will be set off, so Nick has no choice but to rob the local bank with the help of best friend Chet (Aziz Ansari). The hapless pair just about manage to pull it off but of course there are plenty of complications along the way. The plot is fairly far-fetched and it's not the funniest film I've ever seen, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. It also had Rebecca Logan from Greek in it (remember Greek? It was GREAT).

3. Workaholics
Oh maaaa loooorrrrd I love Workaholics. I don't think I'm really the target audience (it's very "boy-ish" humour, for lack of a better word) but I think it's really funny and am eagerly awaiting new season 4 episodes at the moment. Blake (Blake Anderson), Adam (Adam DeVine) and Anders (Anders Holm) are three friends who live together and work together, slacking off from their telemarketing job and getting up to assorted mischief instead whenever possible. I love how they're all kind of terrible people but extremely endearing at the same time, and they never fail to make me laugh. My absolute favourite thing, weirdly enough, is Adam's scream - honestly it's the BEST. THING. EVER. I tried to find a video on Youtube but sadly no luck (if anyone would like to make a compilation, that would be great), so you'll just have to take my word for it.

What have you been watching lately?

Gillian x

Sunday Summary #116


1.Shopping spree 2.I ♥ Edinburgh 3.First day outfit 4.Bowling 5.Cocktails at Rick's 6.Lazy Sunday

Well, first thing's first, a little bit of exciting news... I got a new job! Yay! I'm now officially a Social Media Coordinator for I had my first day on Thursday and we did lots of brainstorming and planning; there are lots of exciting things in the pipeline which I can't wait to get started on! If you haven't come across before, it's a wee bit like Not On The Highstreet, but all the products are made by Scottish designers and producers. There's lots of lovely homewares, jewellery, accessories, gifts and that sort of thing, and there's a new category launching on the 1st May which I'm rather looking forward to - watch this space! I'll be behind the social media from next week, so if you want to go give us a little follow on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest I'll love you forever.

After I found out I got the job, I did what any sane person would do and went on a bit of a shopping spree and spent all the money I haven't earned yet. I popped into Boots to get one thing and inevitably left with half the shop thanks to those sneaky 3 for 2 deals. One thing I bought was the Una Brennan Rose Hydrate Cleanser and, although I've only been using it for a few days, I'm pretty sure I love it. I've never used a cleanser which has left my skin feeling so soft before, dry skin be gone! I also had a wander round Primark and got myself a new coral bag and polka dot shirt which I wore for my first day in the office on Thursday.

On Saturday I headed out for some birthday celebrations with Lynne and co, which turned out to be double celebrations as Lynne got engaged earlier this week. Aaaahhh! We started off the night with some bowling at Fountain Park. I can't even remember the last time I went bowling, I think I must have been about 10 or 11! Having been out of practice for so long, my bowling skills were pretty terrible (although just about everyone else was terrible too so that made it all a bit better!). After a couple of games, we all headed into town for some drinks. The original plan had been Panda and Sons but it was super busy so we ended up at Rick's instead. Lots of chats and cocktails were had and before we knew it, it was closing time and were were being turfed out. We did contemplate going out-out after, but the call of chips was too strong and Laura, Kirsty and I got ourselves a Maccy D's, perched ourselves on a bench outside Princes Mall and stuffed our little faces. Classy and fabulous.

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x

P.S. a couple of weeks ago I contributed my favourite workout songs to Currys Ultimate Blogger Workout Playlist - have a little read of the blog post here and listen to the playlist on Spotify here!

Etsy Picks #2: Jewellery


etsy picks jewellery wishlist
When I think of Etsy, pretty much the first thing that comes to mind is handmade jewellery. As much as I love a £2 bargain from Primark now and again, getting something a bit more unique from the likes of Etsy is always a good thing. For starters, you won't turn up for a night out wearing the same necklace as half the people in the room! Here are a few bits and pieces I've come across recently...

I love Kate Rowland and already have her Yeah Mr White! Yeah Science! Brooch and some glittery wooden earrings, but I couldn't resist adding another of her Breaking Bad themed brooches to my list. Loads of awesome pop culture jewellery in her shop (think Parks & Rec, Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks, Napoleon Dynamite), definitely worth a little look! A shop with a similar kind of feel is Runaway Fox which stocks lovely wooden animal and vintage themed pieces. I just stumbled across them whilst browsing through Etsy and instantly loved the jewellery, but when I noticed the shop was based in Edinburgh it made love them even more! I'm also partial to the bright geometric patterns from SketchInc, and I think the Neon Bunny Brooch is my favourite. They also have some stationery and prints which are preeeeetty sweeeeet.

I really love turquoise jewellery, like this Turqoise Pendant from Bohemian Fringe, especially for wearing during the summer. It looks great layered up with some of the other necklaces from the shop, I love how they're all quite dainty but not to girly. The Delicate Geometric Arrow Bangles are another find which would fit perfectly in my jewellery drawer. Delicate and geometric are my two favourite words when it comes to jewellery! And finally, to finish off, there's a beautiful Snowy Mountain Pendant from Shlomit Ofir. Waaah, it's so pretty!

Have you found any jewellery gems (pun intended) on Etsy recently?

Gillian x

Edinburgh: Burger


burger edinburgh fountainbridge review 6
burger edinburgh fountainbridge review 5
burger edinburgh fountainbridge review 2
burger edinburgh fountainbridge review 4
burger edinburgh fountainbridge review 3
burger edinburgh fountainbridge review 1
For yeeeears I have been longing for a proper burger diner/restaurant type establishment in Edinburgh. There are plenty of pubs and other restaurants which happen to do pretty smashing burgers, but until recently there didn't really seem to be anywhere that specialised in this sort of thing. Burger (it does what it says on the tin) opened just a couple of weeks ago and ever since then I'd been hearing great things about it on Twitter, so couldn't wait to give it a try when a few of us were looking for somewhere to eat last Saturday evening. It's located at 94a Fountainbridge, just off Lothian Road, and is very handily less than a 10 minute walk from my flat.

The restaurant feels pretty spacious and there's lots of New-York-loft-style touches with metal, brick, exposed lightbulbs and neon signs galore. We arrived just after 6pm on Saturday and had no problem getting a table straight away - although as the word spreads about Burger this might become more difficult! Laura and I perused the menu whilst we waited for Roisin and Lianne to arrive. The menu is quite short and sweet, but it covers all the main bases and there were also a good selection of specials available which I assume will change quite regularly. I did quite fancy one of the specials which included a chipotle glazed burger and pulled pork, but sadly it was sold out - just using this as an excuse to go back and try another one of the specials some time soon!

I settled on the bacon cheese burger which came served along with tomato (yuck) and pickle (yum) inside a toasted brioche bun. I also added in a side of fries and a Coke, and everything came to just under £10 which I thought was a pretty good price. The burger was nice and juicy and full of flavour, but the bun wasn't over-stuffed so it was easy to eat without the need for a fork and knife. The melted cheese and crispy bacon really added to the flavour, and I was left feeling pretty impressed. I loved the chips too, small and crispy just how I like them! The portions were a decent size but not too huge, and it was nice to finish the meal and not feel like I'd eaten way too much as is often the case with burgers. We even had room for dessert, and I opted for a milkshake made with the mango sorbet from the specials board. SO good, just like a melted Solero!

The staff were all friendly and helpful, and my only real complaint was that it was order-at-the-till rather than table service (yep, definitely turning into my mother). I can totally understand why places like this do self service but I just prefer table service, although it was a bit of an exciting novelty to each have one of the little buzzers and eagerly wait to see whose would flash first. I really enjoyed the food and atmosphere at Burger and will definitely be heading back. I'm looking forward to seeing how the restaurant develops over the next few months - I hear there are already plans to open more branches throughout Edinburgh!

Have you tried Burger yet?

Gillian x

P.S. Slightly sad they didn't call it Edinburger :(

Sunday Summary #115


1.Oscars inspired makeup 2.Drinks at The Blackbird 3.Dinner at Burger 4.Watching Private Lives at the Lyceum

Aw, what a lovely little weekend I've had! The week itself has been fairly boring, but I had a pretty busy weekend full of impromptu fun with pals. On Friday evening, Laura suggested a trip to the pub, so I left my evening of Netflix behind in favour of some drinks at The Blackbird. Lots of drinks and cocktails were had (including a Sherbet Martini, complete with a Dip Dab lollipop!) as we commandeered the bar stools and chatted the night away. Lianne joined us for a couple of drinks later on after she had finished work, and before we knew it it was closing time so we skipped off all merry in the direction of a chip shop. I had such a good night just sitting gossiping in our favourite "local", why is is that unplanned nights are always the best ones?!

Thankfully I woke up feeling bright and breezy on Saturday morning (okay, I lie, it was definitely Saturday afternoon) and had a bit of a lazy day until it was time to head along to Burger for dinner with Laura, Lianne and Roisin. Burger has only been open for a couple of weeks but I kept hearing great things about it on Twitter, so we couldn't resist giving it a try! One thing I think Edinburgh is really lacking in is diner-style restaurants with relatively cheap but good burgers, hot dogs and that sorta thing, so Burger is definitely a welcome addition. I took some proper photos on my camera whilst I was there, so expect a full review soon! It was preeeeetty tasty, and I followed up my bacon cheeseburger and fries with a mango sorbet milkshake - delisssssh. After dinner, we headed along to The Lyceum Theatre to see Private Lives. Lianne had kindly organised some last minute tickets for us (thanks pal!) so we settled in for an evening of entertainment. I hardly ever go to the theatre but it was so nice to do something a little bit different, I definitely need to make the effort to go more often!

And that brings us to Sunday, so far today I've done absolutely nothing. It has been grrreat! The flat is in dire need of a good tidy though, so I guess that will have to be this afternoon's job. Or perhaps I shall just stay in bed and catch up on the weekend's TV instead, who knows.

What did you get up to this week?

Gillian x

Blog Design Tips #5: Create a Blog Editorial Calendar


Are you organised when it comes to blogging? I recently made myself a blog editorial calendar (I realise that makes me sound like a twat, basically, it's a blog planner) and it has made life much easier. If you're working full time or juggling blogging with studying or other commitments, sometimes it can feel like a bit of a chore to sit down and write when you're tired and can't be bothered. Having a calendar makes it much easier to decide when you want to post, what you want to post about, and when you have time to actually write up posts. Even if you're not struggling for time, it's still useful to keep you on track and make sure you don't forget to post about anything important! My method is probably the simplest - it's pretty much just a typed-up version of a handwritten calendar - but I've found it to be really helpful and, as they say, if it ain't broke don't fix it. (Also, this isn't really a "blog design tips" post, but this seemed like the most relevant category?!).

Set Up Your Calendar
There are loads of calendar and organisation apps out there, but I'd suggest keeping things simple and creating your calendar in a good old Excel spreadsheet. Not hi-tech by any means, but it gets the job done without any extra faffing around and you can customise it however you like. I would suggest creating your spreadsheet within Google Docs as it will be easily accessible on your phone, laptop, tablet and even on work/friends/family computers if you need to access it when you're away from home. Create a new "Blogging" folder within My Drive and then click the big red Create button. Choose the Spreadsheet option.

A blank spreadsheet will open in a new tab; give it a title like "Blog Calendar 2014" and step one is complete! It will save automatically so no need to worry about that sort of thing.

Formatting Your Calendar
Now it's time to make it look like an actual calendar. You can set it out however you find easiest, but I'd suggest using a new sheet (within the same spreadsheet, click the little plus button at the bottom left of the screen) for each month, then do days along the top and weeks down the side. Add in a little space for notes at the end, and then get to work filling in all the dates. Just because I can, I like to colour co-ordinate everything. I've added some pink just to make it a look a bit nicer, and I've also added in grey to blank out the days at the start and end of the month which aren't needed.

Filling in Your Calendar
Once the basic structure of your calendar is all set up, you can get to work filling it in. Start off with things you have a specific day for, or regular series which you know roughly when you want to publish. For example, I always do my Sunday Summary posts on a Sunday (surprise surprise) and I also do a monthly mixtape post in the last few days of each month. Oh, and to get a new line within the same cell just hold the Alt key and press Enter at the same time!

Then you can add in any other posts that you know you definitely want to include, for example I knew I wanted to do a Valentine's themed recipe post just before Valentine's Day so I made sure to add that in. I hadn't decided on which recipe though, so I left a little note at the end to remind me to come up with something! I also had a few events to attend, so I made sure to add in posts for them a few days after each event. My calendar now looks a little something like this:

As the month goes on you can add things in as and when you think of them. I like to have quite a bit of flexibility so I can blog about whatever I fancy on a particular day, so don't worry about having every single day accounted for by the 1st of each month! I also find it useful to colour co-ordinate posts by type so I can see at a quick glance how the month is shaping up. I've used blue for regular features, purple for beauty, peach for fashion and mint for lifestyle. My finished calendar for February looks like this:

Editing Your Calendar
The beauty of having a super-simple online spreadsheet is that it's so easy to edit things as the month goes on. For example, I started a new regular series, Etsy Picks, during February and had to find space to slot it in somewhere. Also, I had originally planned doing the Miss Dixiebelle post on Monday 17th, but I didn't have time to write it so scrapped the post for the 19th and moved Miss Dixiebelle to that day instead. The calendar is great as a guide but don't be afraid to chop and change as you need to; having it all written down makes it easier to change the order of things without forgetting about them completely.

As I wrote up posts and scheduled them in on Blogger, I went and used the strikethrough option on the calendar to remind myself that the post was done and dusted. There was one post during February that I didn't have time to write up at all; I highlighted this in red to remind myself it hadn't been done, and when I was creating my March calendar I was able to instantly spot this and get it scheduled in for March instead.

Using Your Calendar
Although I do still like to write as I go along rather than scheduling weeks in advance, having a blog calendar has been really useful for keeping me organised. I know exactly when things are "due" (e.g. sponsored posts, PR reviews, event write ups etc.), when my regular features are, and when I have spare time to write about whatever I fancy. It's also great for reminding myself of any upcoming holidays/events etc. that I might want to write a themed post for. Being prepared and setting aside time to plan, take photos for and write up a post about, say, Valentine's Day, means I'm able to post it before the event itself instead of a few days after when no one really cares anymore.

In addition to my calendar, I also like to use Evernote to keep my blog organised. I've got the Evernote app on my phone and have also downloaded the desktop version, so whether I'm at home or out and about, it's really easy to note down ideas for future posts. I've got a folder called "Blogging" in my Evernote account, and any time I see anything relevant to posts I'm planning, it gets noted down there. It's also good for starting to draft up posts if I'm on a particularly boring train journey or noting down blog related to-do lists, definitely worth downloading if you like taking notes!

Do you use a blog editorial calendar?

Gillian x

Wishlist: British Summer Time


joules summer wishlist
With just a couple of weeks to go before the clocks go forward, I think just about everyone (myself included) is dreaming of a new summery wardrobe. Usually I much prefer dressing for winter - layers! jumpers! leggings and boots! - but around this time of year I always get cravings for pastel shades and floaty fabrics. I'm loving pretty much everything from Joules at the moment; all their clothes look so classic and have a British summer holiday feel to them, but it's all still really wearable. I have a couple of dresses from Joules in my wardrobe already and they're such great quality too, I'm sure they'll last for many summers to come!

I absolutely love the Lula Dress with its navy floral pattern and classic cut. I could just see myself wearing this for a stroll around the city on a sunny day, complete with oversized sunglasses ready for a stop at a streetside cafe (*cough* beer garden *cough*). I love the nautical theme running through some of the items too, how cuuuute are the wee red wellies?! They'd look great with the stripey dress for a day at the beach. And yes, in this country wellies are definitely a summer wardrobe essential.

I managed to finally find a new winter jacket I loved this year, so I'd quite like to update my summer jacket too. Classic macs and trench coats are my favourites and I love this Maycroft Coat. As well as jackets, dresses, tops and accessories, Joules also have a nice selection of women's skirts and even some lovely homewares. I couldn't resist adding the picnic hamper to my wishlist, I NEED IT!

What's on your summer wishlist?

Gillian x
This is a collaborative post.

Tutorial: Margot Robbie's Oscars Makeup


margot robbie oscars makeup tutorial 1
margot robbie oscars makeup tutorial 2

Despite being a bit of a film fanatic, I'm never really that fussed about the Oscars themselves, but any excuse to fawn over pretty dresses and makeup is good enough for me. One of the stand-out looks for me was Margot Robbie's vintage gothy glam ensemble, and I straight away started digging through my makeup collection for things I could use to recreate her look. If you haven't already, you can see some pictures of her outfit and makeup over on Just Jared. This has everything I could possibly want from a red carpet look: black sparkly dress, check; hair in vintage waves, check; simple matte eye with extra mascara, check; bold, defined brows, check; unusual statement lip, check. I LUV U MARGOT (must remember to stop calling her Donna). She looks amazing as a brunette bombshell, even though it's a complete departure from her usual blonde beach babe style.

I've put together a little tutorial of how to recreate this look over on my Youtube channel. The eyes are ssssuuuper simple with just two matte shades blended together and a tiny smidge of eyeliner to give lashes a bit of a boost (all from the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette). The eyes would be a great everyday sort of look for work/uni etc. as they're quick to do and help to define your eyes without looking too done up. But the addition of the lipstick definitely takes this from everyday to Oscars worthy. I used MAC Rebel blended together with some black kohl eyeliner (yes, really!). Rebel was the closest lip colour that I had in my stash, but it's just a weeeee bit more pinky-purple than Margot's lip colour which is more of a burgundy/red wine shade. But oh well, it's close enough for now! Perhaps an excuse to buy myself a new lipstick to fill the burgundy shaped hole in my life?

Which was your favourite makeup look from the Oscars this year?

Gillian x

Outfit: Great Plains


great plains midi skirt outfit 1
great plains midi skirt outfit 3
great plains midi skirt outfit 2
great plains midi skirt outfit 4
Top: Primark
Skirt: Great Plains*
Shoes: Dune

Gosh, this outfit is a bit ladylike, innit? It's certainly a bit different to my usual daily get up of leggings and whichever oversized jumper is the cleanest. After my recent venture into the world of midi dresses, when Great Plains got in touch about reviewing an item, I thought I'd choose something a wee bit more grown up than my usual attire. I went for the Night Lights Sequin Skirt (which is half price in the sale at the moment!) which is pretty and floaty and sparkly and I kind of love it. The sequins are quite subtle so don't look too over the top, but they make it stand out a wee bit more than just a standard black skirt.

I think I'm starting to really like midi length skirts although, being a dresses-only kinda gal, I'm never really sure which kind of top to pair them with. This time I went for a sheer blouse from Primark which I love and hate in equal measure. I LOVE the detailing at the neck, just look at all the pretty beads! But I HATE the sleeves, there's too much material and I don't like those 70s-esque elasticated cuffs. I also love the delicate nude/pink colour, but I hate the colour on me as I think it's too close to my skin tone. When I bought this a few months ago, they also had a teal version which I much preferred but it wasn't in stock in my size so I settled for the nude one instead. I meant to go back and look for the teal version again but never quite got round to it. Oh well, whatcha gonna do?

Anyway, on to the shoes. I have SO much love for these shoes from Dune which I originally bought as part of my graduation ball outfit a couple of years ago. I think they're probably the prettiest shoes I own, which is weird because they're probably also the plainest. There's just something about the vintage style and sweetheart shape that sends my heart all aflutter. Usually I much prefer round toed shoes, but these pointed ones couldn't be more perfect. I don't get the chance to wear them often as they're nude suede and I would ruin them in an instant, but any vaguely fancy occasion that doesn't involve a sticky bar floor and high chance of drink spillage, and I'm more than happy to dig them out.

How do you usually dress up (or down) a midi skirt?

Gillian x

Sunday Summary #114


1.Dinner at Bread Meats Bread 2.Bellini Martini 3.Spring selfie 4.Pancakes, bacon and maple syrup 5.Makeup Nostalgia 6.Throwback Thursday

So far today, I've spent most of my time snuggled in bed, snoozing the day away and laughing to myself about last night's antics. Lynsey organised a wee blogger meet up in Glasgow and I had such a great night drinking cocktails in Horton's with a few of my fave blogger pals and a couple of new faces too. I'm so glad blogging has brought lots of lovely ladies into my life, because they're just the best. ♥ I was a bit sad that we had to leave early to get the train back to Edinburgh, but in fact the train journey home may have been the highlight of the night. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much about everything and nothing; train toilet rules, Tinder, sloths, Shooting Stars-esque club singing... oh man!

Before heading to Horton's, Kirsty, Laura and I went for some dinner at Bread Meats Bread. This was the first time we had been and we all left suitably impressed with full tummies. I went for a hot dog and sweet potato fries and I definitely made a good choice with that! Yum yum yum. The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed in last week's Sunday Summary I mentioned that I'd been at another Glasgow burger/diner joint, the confusingly similarly named Burger Meats Bun. I feel a comparison post coming on!

The rest of this week has been fairly quiet; I may or may not have spent quite a large portion of it playing The Sims 3. I've been busy filming some videos for my Youtube channel this week. There's an Empties video and a Makeup Nostalgia video up already, and I've got a Boots haul waiting to be edited and uploaded very soon - remember to subscribe to keep up to date!

How has your week been?

Gillian x