Sunday Summary #112


1.Homemade Raspberry Ripple cocktail 2.Ice cream cone cupcakes 3.Rainy Old Town afternoons 4.Edinburgh 5.Mango caipiroska 6.Palentine's 7.Saturday's entertainment

Friday was, as I'm sure you're all well aware, Valentine's Day but over in this neck of the woods it was rechristened Palentine's Day. Lynsey, Laura and Roisin came round in the evening and we did what we do best - drinking cocktails, eating cakes and gossiping. As usual, I went overboard with my preparations and made heart shaped shortbread, scones, ice cream cone cupcakes, popcorn and some homemade cocktails. One of my favourite ever cocktails is the Raspberry Ripple from the Dragonfly, so when I came across the recipe on Social & Cocktail I couldn't wait for the perfect opportunity to give it a go. After more cocktails and lots of wine, we ended up staying up until about 4am putting the world to rights. Not a bad way to spend a Friday evening! Needless to say, I was feeling pretty sleepy on Saturday so spent most of the day in bed, watching the first few episodes of the new House of Cards and munching on leftover cake.

On Thursday a few of us headed to a relaunch event at the Southsider pub. I'm sure there will be a more in-depth post soon so I won't say too much, but we enjoyed some drinks and samples from the menu whilst listening to and ermm... singing along to the live band. Before the event, we had met up at 56 North for some cocktails and some food (although, in retrospect, we really didn't need food considering we were on our way to a pub/restaurant relaunch!). I've been to 56 North plenty of times before back in my uni days (wahhh it makes me sad that I now have to say "back in my uni days", so oldddd take me back!) for drinks but I'd never sampled anything from the menu before. I went for a huge burger and chips and it was grrrreat. I'm trying to eat healthily at the moment and am doing pretty well when I'm at home and cooking for myself, but I have decided that it doesn't count when I'm out and about. I can think of nothing worse than ordering a tiny salad and feeling sad whilst all your friends tuck in to tasty food - life's far too short for that!

As much as I'd like to spend the rest of the day lounging in bed and watching the whole of House of Cards, I've got not one but two job interviews tomorrow so I'll be making sure I'm all prepared for those - and looking out a suitable outfit. Fingers crossed!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. Your valentines sounds perfect! Good luck for your interviews x

  2. It's all about Palentine's or Galentine's day! Looks like you had a lovely week!
    Good luck for your interviews tomorrow! :)

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

  3. that cocktail looks divine, perfect for palentine's day! good luck with both interviews tomorrow!

  4. Good luck with your interviews :)

  5. The cocktail looks amazing, I love Ice Cream Cone cupcakes - I gave them a go myself a couple of years ago, might have to have another go :)

    Best of luck for your interviews xx

    Sarah @ xx

  6. Your palentines day looks so lovely! That cocktail sounds amazing, I'll definitely have to try and make it! And the cakes are so cute :)

    Nicola xx

  7. Good luck with your job interviews- just be yourself and look smart! I haven't had irn bru for ages- you're making me homesick...

  8. Your Palentines Day sounded awesome!!! I just started watching House of Cards this weekend it looks like yet another tv series Im gonna get sucked into. Good Luck for you interviews tomorrow xxx


  9. Ice cream cone cupcakes... these look AMAZING!!!

  10. My friends and I did something similar, but we called it Galentines Day. It was an evening filled with various brownies and chocolates and watching Clueless (a cinematic classic in my opinion).

  11. This all looks so lovely :) Best of luck with your job interviews too xx

  12. Ahh what a fab sounding evening, there's nothing better than catching up with friends!

    Maria xxx

  13. I'm jealous! Your valentines sounds amazing. I'm reaching for that cocktail through the screen right now xx

  14. OMG, you genius you...your cocktails and cupcakes look amazing!!! Make me some please ;-) xx


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