Mixtape: February


February Mixtape · via Spotify

I've been all about the acoustic folksy music this month. Perfect for rainy February afternoons. Undoubtedly my most-listened to band of the month is First Aid Kit, a duo of Swedish songwriting sisters. They're a relatively recent discovery for me (thanks Spotify, I knew there was a reason I paid you every month!) but I've been making up for lost time by listening to their albums obsessively throughout the month. Another new-to-me sibling folk band (erm, perhaps my new favourite genre?) are The Staves and I've been enjoying their album Dead & Born & Grown for late-night listening.

There are also a few old favourites on this month's mixtape, like Iron & Wine's Such Great Heights. Awwwcch, this song reminds me of 2005 so much, mostly thanks to the Garden State soundtrack! New Romantic by Laura Marling also makes an appearance; I used to love this song so much but hadn't listened to it in ages until I was reminded about it by Gill's cover version.

First Aid Kit · The Lion's Roar
Laura Marling · New Romantic
Patti Smith · Because the Night
Iron & Wine · Such Great Heights
Frank Turner · The Next Round
Patrick Wolf · The Magic Position
Patsy Cline · Crazy
The Civil War · Dust to Dust
Lucy Rose · Be Alright
The Staves · Mexico
Listen to "February" here.
What's on your playlist this month?

Gillian x


  1. Love this mixtape! First Aid Kit, Laura Marling, Frank Turner, The Civil Wars and Iron & Wine are among my favourites! I do love a folky sound. The Garden State soundtrack is the best.

  2. Great mixtape lady! I love First Aid Kit and Frank Turner and now got a few newbies to look at too. Robin has spotify and it's amazing!
    Lianne xx

  3. Ahh the civil wars are incredible! <3


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