How To: Rainbow Room Vintage Curls


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Last photo courtesy of Paula.

Last week I went along to an event at Rainbow Room International to have a wee look round their Royal Exchange Square salon, try out some products and get my hair done up all fancy. There were also manicures and facials going on, but I stuck to hair styling and got a lovely vintage inspired look. The stylist used hair straighteners to create bouncy waves, and she popped in a little baby victory-roll-type-thing at the side too. I failed to take any good pictures of my hair on the night, but you can kind of get an idea of what it looked like in this Instagram snap.

I've been meaning to learn how to curl my hair with straighteners for ages, but it always seemed a bit daunting and I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing. The stylist at Rainbow Room talked me through the best way to use straighteners to curl hair and let me do a couple of the curls myself so I could get an idea of how to do it properly. I really liked the vintagey style waves that using straighteners created, so I decided to have a go myself at home and managed not too badly! Whilst my 'do from Rainbow Room was a bit more 70s inspired (à la American Hustle) I decided to go for a slightly softer look with more brushed out curls when I tried it myself.

The video isn't so much a tutorial as a "this is what I did to make my hair look like this". I'm definitely not an expert at straightener curls yet, but after having done it a couple of times I'm starting to get the hang of it. Practice makes perfect and all that!

Have you mastered the straighteners curling technique? If not, I'd recommend popping into Rainbow Room International if you're in Glasgow and in need of a hair cut or style for a special occasion!

Gillian x


  1. They look beautiful on you!


  2. Ooo this is a lovely hair style Gillian! I love the vintage roll at the side - very 40's -50's :) The event looked like fun - I can't believe you managed 3 in one night! Super-woman haha :P I'm crap at trying to curl my hair with straighteners :( i prefer using my tongs, get a nicer curl :)
    you look really nice with the girls, they suit you :)

  3. It looks so effortlessly pretty!

  4. This looks SO lovely on you!

    Maria xxx

  5. Your curls look so pretty! I too have always attempted to curl my hair with a flat iron but it never looks quite right. Definitely taking notes from your video ^-^

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  6. the curls look natural and lovely! Your pictures on your blog look very crisp. love it!

    Sincerly, Oronovelo || DIY, Home Decor & Lifestyle


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