Sunday Summary #109


1.Vinyl 2.Homemade nachos 3.Train journey entertainment 4.Cocktails at Tempus 5.Friday night face 6.Tapas at Cafe Andaluz

Sunday afternoon again? I'm really not sure where the time disappears to these days. I was intending on having a productive day today, but accidentally managed to sleep in very late, oops. Well it is Sunday after all! I've written a huge to-do list for tomorrow so I'm determined to get up bright and early and work my way through it all. I still feel like I'm in holiday mode (errrmm, even though it is nearly February!) but next week I'll turn over a new leaf and become super motivated about everything. Maybe.

I had a fairly quiet start to the week as I was still at home, but I got the train back down to Edinburgh on Thursday in time for some dinner at Tempus in the evening. You might have spotted my post from earlier in the week about it, and that Bard's Burger was every bit as good as it looks! It was nice to have a wee catch up with a few bloggy pals, felt like it had been ages since I last saw anyone. We caught up on all the gossip over some cocktails, and (almost literally) rolled home with very full, very happy tummies. Thanks for having us Tempus!

Then on Friday it was time for more eating and drinking, my fave! A few weeks ago Lynne suggested we organise a night out featuring tapas and karaoke, and I definitely couldn't say no to that. Ten of us descended on Cafe Andaluz to eat aaaalllll the tapas and drink endless pitchers of sangria. I'd been to Cafe Andaluz a couple of times before, but it had been years since I was last there, and it was even better than I'd remembered. As we were in such a big group, we split off into sections to choose our dishes and share them between us; Laura, Iona and I had a feast of chorizo, calamari, mackerel, honey and mustard chicken, paella, mussels, confit duck, patatas bravas and I'm sure a couple of other things I'm forgetting! All the food was SO good, I think I'll definitely have to go back and try out more of the dishes soon. After dinner, we headed across the road to Supercube to sing away til our hearts' content. There were a few pretty good singers in our group (me definitely not being one of them), and we managed to get through several hours worth of 80s power ballads, 90s cheese, chart songs and - of course - a beeeautiful rendition of Loch Lomond to end the night. Amazing!

Despite the many, many cocktail pitchers consumed during karaoke, I was suprisingly not too hungover on Saturday, but still took the opportunity to catch up on sleep and TV watching. In my ever-so-slightly-hungover state I decided it would be a great idea to order an exercise bike off Amazon so here's hoping I'll be a total babe in a few weeks (ha!). If you have any recommendations of healthy recipe blogs/websites please let me know!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. Sounds and looks like your week was filled with really, really good food, hehe! Trying to think of healthy recipe blogs... oh! You HAVE to watch the "Raw. Vegan. Not gross." series on Youtube - her recipes are incredible and so good for you! Plus she's so funny to watch :)

    x Michelle |

  2. The Nachos look so good!


  3. omg the food photos! Makes me starve even though i just had dinner haha :)

  4. Looks like you've had a super fun time! Love this! x


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